How to Be Happy and Healthy

We all want to be happy and healthy, but sometimes we get bored or stressed by work or everyday routines. Yet we do not have to accept and complain about things we are not happy about. Bringing more happiness into your life has far more benefits than merely feeling good, and there are simple ways to combat the feeling of being stuck in a daily grind, which we look at here:

Get moving 

Exercise releases the feel-good hormones known as endorphins. Going for a walk, dancing at home or heading to the gym are all aerobic exercises that will release endorphins. At the same time, research shows that there are many physical health benefits from being happy. This correlation between happiness and a stronger immune system makes it easier to deal with stress and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and faster recovery when we are ill. 

Try new things

Many of us look to other people to make us happy, but actually, we can make ourselves happy. If you are bored, think about what you can do differently so that you no longer feel this way.  You may have dropped a hobby whilst focusing on a career or young children. If you were an artist, pick up a paintbrush again. If you always wanted to play the guitar or piano, take lessons. With your partner, you could take dance classes or a cookery course so that you not only try new things but become closer to your beloved through the shared experience. 

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According to a theory of the biologist E. O. Wilson, human beings have an innate and genetically determined affinity with the natural world. In other words, we need to get back in touch with nature. Spending time outdoors, whether a run in the local park or some gardening, can spark biophilia, with wonderful benefits. Grow your own food in your garden. Use grow-bags on a patio for tomatoes or your kitchen window shelf for pots of herbs to nurture if you have no outside space. 

Focus on what you are grateful for

It is easy to complain when life is difficult, or we are having difficulties at work, but practicing gratitude can help. Even something as simple as writing three unique things that you are grateful for each day will improve feelings of happiness. You can write about three good things that happened in your day, from a compliment or help received. If you are stuck, be grateful for one of your five senses, your ability to breathe or walk unaided.

Spend time with those you love

Cherish those you love with gifts, making note of the things they say they like. By the end of the year, you will have some Christmas gift ideas to surprise them with. This could be jewelry, home décor, fashion or an experience gift. Make Christmas a time to socialize with friends and those you love to increase your feelings of well-being and happiness and as a New Year resolution, make time for coffee with friends, or quality time with family members to realize the benefits of happiness.

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“Fake it till you make it.”  

In the context of this article, this aphorism suggests that by imitating happiness, a person can come to feel this in real life. It echoes the underlying principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy as a means to enable behavior change so that individuals can begin to feel happier and more positive leads which leads to greater participation in healthy activities such as exercise, eating healthy, socializing and sleeping well.


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