Furniture Removal Services

The majority of people would simply call the local waste management service if they need to let go of old furniture. Waste management services oblige themselves to stick to a certain set of regulations for any item they receive. This may include incineration in a controlled environment. Most of the stuff they would pick up ends in the landfill, though. Adding even more furniture into landfills isn’t quite favorable to the environment. Fortunately, furniture removal services Jiffy Junk commit to eco-friendly furniture removals. They make sure that as little of your old stuff ends up in a landfill as possible.

What Most People Forget About

Whenever you’re doing furniture removal you have to bring your old stuff somewhere. You’re demonstrating your responsibility to handle the disposal. However, furniture removals pretty much always imply huge and bulky items that don’t quite fit into your car. Maybe you’re lucky your neighbor could lend you his van for this purpose. Alternatively, you’ll have to rent one. Do you know how much fuel you use for this process? 

Furniture removal services don’t only have vehicles large enough to handle any item. They’re on the road every day and they are ready for everything. All you need to do is simply click here and get your schedule, the next thing you do is just wait for them to come and pick up the stuff you are about to discard. It doesn’t make too much of a difference for them to come around at your

Not Everything Is Simple Garbage

Furniture removals don’t necessarily involve removing furniture that’s broken beyond repair. Most often than not, your unwanted furniture contains items that are still able to still use. Only because your style has changed, doesn’t mean the old stuff is pure junk. Why don’t you attempt to do your bit first? Try to sell each item that’s in near-perfect condition. 

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Whenever a furniture removal service has picked up old furniture, they sort it through at their site first. Any item in good shape they offer to a charity. As such, they try to make sure the majority of old furniture is going to be reused. At times, avid upcycles may visit their site to search for old furniture they could turn into something new. They don’t mind doing some repairs and giving the furniture a facelift for their later use. 

Recycling Is Key

Surely, removal services also include items you’d never be able to use again. Most furniture is made of materials that are recycled, such as wood, glass, or also metal. 

Trashed wooden furniture could be turned into wood chips which are, in turn, used to create new boards. Unfortunately, this procedure pretty much ends the cycle of reusing wood. Glues and also formaldehyde is used to create such boards for new furniture. Those cannot be recycled again and require another specialized procedure. Plastic is yet another common material in furniture. It doesn’t remain stable for several years as the plastic reacts with oxygen in the air. The oxidation makes plastic materials brittle over time and thus it easily breaks. However, plastic melts easily just like glass or metal and is an amazing source for recycling materials.  

Before you worry about which of your old furniture might go to recycling plants, leave it to the professionals. A true eco-friendly removal service offers collected pieces for donations first. Following the donation step, they handle the recycling.

They Don’t Dump It Into The Side Of The Road

Licensed furniture removal services would never dump your old furniture on the side of the road. It’s not only illegal, it harms the environment. Depending on the materials that were used for your old furniture, it may contain toxic substances. As soon as it rains, these toxic substances drizzle it into the soil. Once they’re in the soil, they seep into the groundwater. You know fairly well how it spoils water resources for generations to come.

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Unfortunately, you cannot rest assured a cheap and unlicenced furniture removal service wouldn’t do it. They only cash in your money and don’t want to worry about the rest of it.  It’s certainly none of your concern. By hiring a proper service you’d also do your part to protect the environment. Choosing a service without a web presence, proven track record, and customer reviews can be a fatal choice. Fully licensed and reputable green furniture removal services may come with a price. But at least you know they handle your furniture removal responsibly until the very last step.  

How To Find An Eco-Friendly Furniture Removal Service

Finding an eco-friendly service is rather easy. Check the homepages of services in your area. They won’t only list all their services, but also inform you about what they do with your old furniture. 

Being proud to be partners with a charity isn’t a piece of information they’d hide from you, on the contrary. A professional removal service tells you about it right away. They will explain to you how they look for items that can still be of use for others. Furthermore, they pride themselves in mentioning which percentage of items they donate and recycle. 

Regarding the recycling process, they tell about their teams searching as well as categorizing all items from each furniture removal. A truly dedicated removal service sees to it that wood, glass, metal, paper, and cardboard but also e-waste ends up in its right spot for recycling and proper disposal. A furniture removal service furthermore knows how to handle toxic substances. Without their amazing labor, we’d have even more cluttered landfills that may also contain toxic substances.


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