Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Actually Work

If you’ve ever seen a pretty pink decoration that looks something like a rock and happens to light up, you were probably looking at a Himalayan salt lamp.

These lamps have been popular over the years because of their attractive coloring and design as well as the claims about their benefits.

Genuine Himalayan salt lamps are extracted from the Himalaya mountain range from a site in Pakistan. The truest lamps come from the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan because of the shades of salt that are found there.

Since they are so beautiful and widely popular, sellers are creating their own versions to mass-produce that do not actually offer the same unique features as a true Himalayan lamp.

There are so many claims about Himalayan salt lamps floating around that it seems impossible to know what is true and what is false.

These stunning pieces of decoration make a statement in any living space but are also thought to produce health benefits and other features that make life a little better.

The truth of these claims is questionable, but here are a few to help you decide if Himalayan salt lamps truly work.

Air Ionization

One of the biggest benefits that Himalayan salt lamp users tend to believe is their method of ionizing the air.

According to Healthcare Weekly, ions are electrically charged compounds, with negative ions containing extra electrons and positive ions containing fewer. There are many positive ions in the air that come from sources of heat and technological devices.

People believe that Himalayan salt lamps radiate negative ions into the air to help balance out the positive ones. This can lead to feeling refreshed and relaxed due to a balanced environment.

While it is possible that they do produce some negative ions, the amount is likely not nearly enough to fully balance out the air in a large space. That being said, there is no strong evidence that leans one way or the other.

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It seems to be up to the individual experience to determine whether or not a Himalayan salt lamp can truly create more ionized air!

Lower Levels of Stress

Because of the more neutrally ionized air that Himalayan salt lamps are thought to induce, they are believed to help reduce stress in the people who are near them frequently.

Too many positive ions can lead to irritability, so an even balance of ions can promote feeling good and healthier as well as more relaxed.

Not only does it promote lessened stress, but the negative ions these lamps may produce also tend to assist in the release of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that makes people happy.

Mental health could be much improved with the frequent use of a Himalayan salt lamp depending on a person’s situation.

Brighten Up Any Room

People love Himalayan salt lamps because of how aesthetically pleasing they are. They offer a soft oftentimes pink or amber glow that can illuminate a space to set a calm mood.

Not only do the lamps give off light, but they also add an element of design to the room. They can act as a decoration piece that also functions to create a healthier living environment.

Efficiency tends to be key in all areas of life, and a Himalayan salt lamp could work to both decorate and make users feel good.

These beautiful pieces can light up a bedroom, living area, or office, depending on personal preference. They are versatile, making them perfect for just about anywhere!

Better Sleep Patterns

Positive ions, in excess, are linked to poor sleep patterns, sleeplessness, and insomnia in some cases. Since negative ions can help balance out the overload of positive ones. Having a salt lamp in your bedroom could improve the quality of your rest during the night.

The salt lamp could have an impact on the speed of falling asleep along with staying asleep all night long. Some people struggle immensely with getting comfortable, so the salt lamp could help them wind down during the night.

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While air ionization could play the biggest role in this. Himalayan salt lamps also act as nightlights that might soothe some users during the night. Even if you are not afraid of the dark, a salt lamp would be there for you.

Create a Cleaner Breathing Environment

Himalayan salt lamps naturally absorb the water vapor in the air. As a lamp draws in the vapor, it pulls the allergens and other particles in the air with it. This is a process known as hygroscopy.

When the vapor is released back into the air from the rock. The allergens are believed to stay behind attached to its surface. This could mean that your Himalayan salt lamp is purifying your air to help you feel better.

Even though there has not been enough successfully completed research about the effectiveness of Himalayan salt lamps on air quality, users claim to feel a difference in many cases.

The worst that could happen if the air-purifying effect doesn’t work is that you are left with an attractive new decorative piece that lights up a gorgeous color. In any case, having a Himalayan salt lamp is a win!

Respiratory Health Enhancement

Since salt lamps could possibly absorb the vapors in the air. And in the process remove all dust particles and allergens from it. They would also play a role in relieving allergy and other respiratory symptoms.

Anything from pollen to pet dander could be lowered in the indoor air when a genuine salt lamp is present. It would absorb the irritants along with the water vapor. Then release the clean vapor back into your air for breathing without the negative parts of it.

Some users that have asthma or similar symptoms even believe that their Himalayan salt lamp makes them feel better.

Watch Out for Fake Ones!

It cannot be proven that genuine Himalayan salt lamps work how people think they do. But it is important to find a genuine version. The real ones are fragile and do not produce much light, while counterfeit glow brightly and break rarely.

Make sure you get the real deal when in the market for a Himalayan salt lamp. You never know how it could help you!


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