For those who are concerned about these points, we would like to introduce the following two points. We hope it helps those who are thinking about using Google Drive or who are starting to use it.

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is an “online storage service” provided by Google.

In addition to PDF files and Excel files, you can also save program code files.

Also, anyone with a Google account can use it for free. By changing to a paid plan, it is possible to expand functions and increase storage capacity.

Four features of Google Drive

Google Drive has the following four features.

Save files and folders

Use various business apps

Use apps in an offline environment

Expand functions

Save files and folders

Google Drive allows you to save PDF files, photos, videos, and even program code “regardless of file format.”

Since it is compatible with Office tools such as Excel and Word, it can be used in various ways even in the business scene.

You can use various business apps.

If You can use the document creation application “Google Docs” and the spreadsheet application “Google Sheets” for free.

If You can also use “Google Slides,” which can be used to create presentation materials and the questionnaire tabulation app for free.

You can use the app in an offline environment.

You can use it ” offline ” for apps such as Google Docs and spreadsheets, you can use it “offline” by changing the settings.

For example, you can work by changing the settings even in places where it is difficult to connect to the Internet, imessage on pc such as in the subway or tunnel. When you reconnect to the Internet, your file changes will be synced automatically.

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The function can be expanded: How to use google drive

If you want to get the most out of Google Drive, we recommend expanding its functionality.

For example, a mind map creation function called “Mind Meister” and a function called “Safety Bread: Muffin” encrypts all files in Google Drive for added security.

There are many extensions, so find the one you need.

Price plan and feature summary of each plan

What is a similar tool,, “Google One” / “Google Workspace”?

Google One is a “paid version of Google Drive” for individuals. It has more storage capacity than the free version and can be shared with up to 5 users.

Google Workspace is a groupware service for businesses. Not only does it increase the capacity. but it also enhances administrator functions and security.

As for the proper use of both, “Google One” for personal use, when used in a team, it will be “Google Workspace.”

Comparison of charges and features

Rate plan Fee (1 user / month) capacity Features
Google Drive free 15GB
Google One 250 yen 100GB ・ Support from Google ・
Plan sharing with family
・ Benefits for members
380 yen 200GB All features of the 100GB plan
1,300 yen 2TB All features of the 100GB plan
Google Workspace Business Starter 680 yen 30GB (per user) Secure custom business email
Security and management features
Google Drive File Stream
Video conferencing for up to 100 people
Standard support
Business Standard 1,360 yen 2TB (per user) All functions of Business Starter
・ Video conferencing and recording for up to 150 people
Business Plus 2,040 yen 5TB (per user) All functions of Business Standard
・ Video conferencing with 250 participants and its recording, attendance status confirmation
・ Advanced security and management functions (Vault, advanced endpoint management, etc.)
Enterprise Contact Us Storage capacity that can be increased as needed ・ All functions of Business Plus
・ Compliance control function


How to sign up for “Google One” and “Google Workspace..”

How to sign up for Google One

You can sign up for Google One from Google’s official website.

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How to sign up for Google Workspace

Google Workspace has two contract methods, “direct contract” and “contract with distributor.”

The service content differs depending on each distributor, but it will provide technical support when moving existing data. Also, depending on the agency, it is possible to discount the charge by going through the agency.

How to use Google Drive

Here, we will introduce the following 4 points with photos as basic usage for those who are new to Google Drive.

Registration, download

Upload and create files and folders

Share and organize files

Check storage capacity

Registration / download

(1) Click “Move to Drive” from the official page of Google Drive.

(2) If you have a Google account, what is wifi calling enter your e-mail address, and if you do not have one, get an account.

Since the application is not provided on the PC, it will be used on a web browser. For iOS and Android,                    smartphone-specific apps are provided. It can be downloaded from the “App store” and “Google Play.”

Uploading and creating files and folders

 (1) Click “New” at the top left of Google Drive.

(2) the file/folder upload items and the file/folder new creation items are displayed.

You can also right-click on Google Drive to display the file upload and create items,, as shown in (2).

To upload a file you can also “drag and drop” the file you want to upload from the file management page of your PC.

File sharing and organization: How to use google drive

(1) To share a file, right-click the file you want to share and click the “Share” button.

(2) As shown in the image below, you can share files by entering the email address of the person you want to share or by sending a link to the shared file via chat.

All shared files and folders shared are organized into “shared items,,” as shown in the image below.

 Check the amount of storage.

Finally, I will explain how to check the storage amount of Google Drive.

(1) Click “Storage Capacity” at the bottom left of the Google Drive screen.

(2) As shown in the image below, you can check the total size of the files and the size of each file. When Google Drive is running low, you can quickly delete large or unnecessary files.

 Google Drive Challenges

Many online storage tools, not just Google Drive, have the following challenges:

・ It is troublesome to create files one by one

・ It takes time for viewers to open each file and press the save button to update it.・ For the above reasons, access to necessary information is insufficient.



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