Direct comparison test

Investors want to gain maximum profit through ensuring rational investment. One must take all the steps quite carefully and cautiously to gain the outcomes. Direct comparison test The correct analysis is the key to success and helps much in generating excellent revenue.

What is the Direct Comparison Test?

A direct comparison test is a famous test that distinguishes the series with ease. In this study, there is the evaluation of the diagnostic test or treatment. It utilizes common-sense rules and is much simpler than various other methods. It demands the process of convergence of series. However, the divergence occurs when the series is much greater than that of the divergent benchmark series.


All the statistical tests or methods depend on any peculiar principle. In the case of the direct comparison test, the basic principle is the Principle of Substitution. All the comparisons for the direct comparison test are dependent on this principle. According to this principle, the purchaser and investor must take sensible steps while investing in any property. 

They should make the payment after careful analysis and in such a way that benefits them the most. It includes that one must not pay more for investing in the property. The payment must be by the cost of acquiring the property and not more than it.


Reconciliation is often required at the time of deriving the value indications. The multiple approaches are used for the derivation of the value indications. It is known to be used for the direct comparison approach. It ensures that the amount that leaves the account is matched to the amount that is spent. Reconciliation is a popular term of accounting, and the direct comparison test supports it quite well.

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Determination of Value: Direct comparison test

The first-ever and the most significant method that the investor or valuer considers for investing in the property is the direct comparison tests. It is indeed the most direct method. The primary benefit of it is that it has the slightest chance for errors. Most often, this method uses when the sale properties and subject are almost identical. It requires merely a slight adjustment in the sale price for making it comparable to the subject property. The direct comparison test is the valuable tests for determining the value of:

  • Public housing estate
  • Similar terrace houses
  • Vacant land of the subdivision

Advantages: Direct comparison test

The primary benefit of the direct comparison method is that one can get the valuation of the land with a quick calculation. It does not demand lots of adjustment, and hence settling for valuable land becomes quick and more accessible. One does not need to work on every variable. All the variables are independent of each other. One does not need to value, isolate, or identify all the variables. 

In a Nutshell

If you have a good amount of money, you want to invest it into the property. Then, you must take any step after getting an estimate of property value. The direct comparison tests is the right approach in this regard. However, Apply this test to the buildings whenever you want.

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