Console or PC Ancient Debate

For as long as the two platforms have co-existed with each other, they have had their fans from both sides attempt to persuade the other that the gaming experience is much better on their chosen platform. Most people will know that it is possible to play games on a console or a computer, but they will not know which one is better. This fact is true especially in the case of parents who have no idea how to get their children the best gaming experience possible. Like with most things, the decision comes down to personal circumstances, but it is possible to know which the advantages and disadvantages are of each to inform the decision. Let’s see console or PC: the ancient debate.

To get the most prominent issue out of the way, the PC will always play games better, there is no way around that. PCs are inherently linked with the development of technology, much like other industries like gambling. Online casinos will often incorporate new technology like Bitcoin deposits, here are some at, and the same is true for the PC community’s adoption of new hardware.  However, this technology comes at a price. Hardware can prove to become exceedingly expensive when the top-of-the-line models are desire. One only must look to the CPU, the brain of the computer, which can range from about £50 to about £4500. While the PC will play games better and they will look their best on the platform, people will have to pay an arm and a leg to have the privilege of accessing this experience.

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Consoles were developed as a response to this situation and offer gamers a great gaming experience on a budget. This would no doubt appeal to those who cannot afford to build a high-end PC and want a more affordable, casual experience playing games. It should be noted that consoles have undergone significant advancement in recent years. During the last generation of consoles, a PC could be built for the same price as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but it would be better and have the convenience of being able to upgrade it. This generation saw the release of the PlayStation 5 and the Series X, both of which are impressive feats of engineering. If one were to attempt to match the consoles’ power now by building a PC they might find that will spend much more than anticipated.

The case for consoles is strongest when it comes to convenience. Generally, computers require the user to sit upright in a chair close to the screen to play, which can become uncomfortable. It is not as relaxing as laying back on a sofa or bed with a controller and gaming from a distance, which is part of the console experience. Further, it is easier to pick the console up and carry it to a friend’s house to play when compared to lugging around the PC tower.

PCs and consoles will always be the leading way to play video games, but they will always fulfil different roles. Consoles are oriented for people who want an affordable, convenient experience whereas PCs are aimed at gaming enthusiasts who want the best experience possible, no matter the cost.

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