The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is an amped-up Galaxy Note with a much faster S Pen built in, loads of camera improvements, a brighter display as well as faster charging. This is a stellar phone overall.

Your new Galaxy S22 Ultra is so much more than just a pretty face. Samsung filled the new flagship with tonnes of unique and useful features. There are so many, in fact, that some of the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s best features may fly under your radar. So, here are a number of cool things about the Galaxy S22 Ultra.


The Galaxy S22 Ultra borrows its fundamental shape from the Note 20 Ultra. In fact, it’s nearly identical to the mid-2020 phone from Samsung. The most significant visual distinction between the two is the arrangement of the camera lenses on the back end, which is where the S22 Ultra takes its only visual lines from the S21 Ultra. 


During daily tasks, video editing, and gaming at a live casino online, the S22 Ultra performs very well. The software is responsive, just lagging when switching between intensive apps and games which are running at the same time. Closing down the background apps that are eating up too much RAM normally solves this quickly.

Running the device via the PCMark for Android benchmark caused a score of 13 411 for the Work 3.0 test.  The best score for the test is 16 411 that puts the S22 Ultra amongst some of the best-performing devices. Its score puts it amongst the likes of the Xiaomi 12 Pro together with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. 


The Brand-New S Pen Has A ‘Grippy’ Coating On It Which Makes It Far Easier To Hold Onto

Taking hold of the S Pen is no trouble at all. A very quick press causes the end cap to pop out so allowing you to grab hold of the stylus and slide it out. The S Pen has a bit of a grippy coating on it that makes it a lot easier to hold onto without it sliding about. 

It’s exactly the same size and shape as the S Pen from the Note 20 Ultra, however it has been enhanced with faster response time when writing on the screen. The stylus carries over the utility button so allowing you to do things such as snap the shutter when utilising the camera or page through a PowerPoint presentation. 

As with many flagships, the S22 Ultra features stereo audio that is formed by the combination of the earpiece together with the downward-firing speaker on the bottom edge. These’re on par with most other speakers on phones in this price range. Audio while gaming, playing music and streaming movies may hit fairly loud volumes with slight distortion. 

The balance of sound, however, leaned strongly toward the mid-range and high-end, leaving lower tones conspicuously absent from the mix. The speakers have the ability to fill a household room with plenty of sound that at the very least comes across as clean. People who are more discriminating about sound quality will surely be happier utilising headphones or a dedicated speaker for serious listening.



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