Drug Detox Vitamins & Minerals

Detoxification is the first and one of the most effective ways to overcome a drug use disorder. It is the process of eliminating all toxins, impurities, and drug metabolites from the system – helping a person to wean off of a drug. The purpose of detoxification is to manage withdrawal systems safely and make the person feel comfortable as the drugs leave the body. Readout below for the best drug detox vitamins & minerals.

There are several detox plans and medications that help get rid of toxins from the body, easing withdrawal symptoms and often…helping you pass a urine drug test. “Certain medications can mimic the effects of addictive drugs, which relieve withdrawal symptoms and cravings.” Yet most detox products available in the market are not proven to be effective in helping with withdrawal symptoms.

Therefore, check out Too Slick to learn what detox is and how to use it properly. Additionally, if you are taking medication, it must be prescribed by a doctor as a part of an outpatient or inpatient rehab program. However, if your purpose is primarily to pass an upcoming drug test, it is better to consider vitamins and minerals that can safely eliminate toxins and drug metabolites from your body. Often, many good drug detox products contain these nutrients to detoxify your system and prepare the body for a drug test. 

How Long-term Drug Addiction & Substance Abuse Causes Nutrient Deficiencies? 

Often consuming recreational marijuana, containing THC or CBD, or other drugs may cause long-term deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals in the body. Certain types of drugs, such as marijuana, increase food cravings and the person tries to satiate it with low-nutrient meals. Again, substances like cocaine often decrease the appetite, resulting in not having enough nutrients at all. These substances and drugs also tend to inhibit nutrient absorption in the body. 

Nutrient deficiency in the body is one of the major impediments to effective detox. This is because it prevents toxins from being eliminated from the system efficiently. Traces of drugs may remain in your body, which may show up in your urine sample during a drug test. 

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What are the Essential Nutrients for Drug Detox? 

Detox products contain essential vitamins and minerals that can help to get rid of deficiency in the body with the nutritional support they offer. The detox vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to get rid of toxins are: 

  • Vitamin C: Some studies indicate that Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) in your daily diet can help alleviate withdrawal symptoms and aid in faster detoxification. Here is a study report on how high doses of ascorbic acid may help with withdrawal syndrome in heroin users. Vitamin C can efficiently flush out drug traces and toxins from the system, ensuring you can pass an upcoming urine drug test. 

Therefore, many detox brands either contain these nutrients or recommend taking these vitamins and minerals to improve effectiveness of the detox process. 

  • Vitamin B: There are different B vitamins that can efficiently detox the body, eliminating all drug metabolites and toxins. Often, heavy drug abuse or alcohol consumption inhibits your body’s nutrition absorption ability. To address this, you are advised to take Vitamin B1 (thiamine) or multivitamins with appropriate dosage of B6 (pyridoxine), B2 (riboflavin), and Vitamin B9 (folic acid). 

If you have a short notice for a drug test, it is better that you take these vitamins in supplement form to increase the effectiveness of a detox product in cleansing your body.  

  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Omega-3 has numerous health benefits, particularly related to heart and depression. Studies are also ongoing to understand its effectiveness in cleansing the body, but it can certainly help with improving bodily functions when taken in adequate quantities. Omega-3 fatty acids help a detox product to work more efficiently in cleansing your body before a urine test. 
  • Protein: The nutrient protein is built upon amino acids that help create neurotransmitters and reconstruct damaged cells in the brain. This allows the brain to better control drug cravings, restricting you from taking CBD when you are preparing the body for a urine drug test or simply want to detoxify. In addition to protein supplements, you can also consider taking protein-rich foods like eggs, meat, quinoa, tofu, or beans during this course. 
  • Calcium: Alcohol, and certain other drugs, may hinder with the body’s ability to efficiently absorb calcium. Often, we do not get adequate quantities of calcium from our diet. To address this, it is advised to take calcium supplements in addition to Vitamin D to ensure better absorption of calcium in the body. This may not only help you cope with potential side effects of drug abuse, but also allow detox agents to cleanse your body efficiently.
  • Zinc: Zinc is another essential nutrient that helps in effective cleansing of the body, getting rid of harmful toxins. 
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How to Detoxify Effectively? 

Natural detoxification is one of the best ways to alleviate withdrawal symptoms and eliminate harmful toxins and drugs from the body. But it is a time-consuming process and even after comprehensive detoxification, traces of drug may remain in your body. This can be potentially risky if you are applying for a job or undergoing or a health or legal procedure. 

As such, you may consider definitive solutions like having a detox supplement. These are available in various forms such as drinks, pills, or mouthwashes. A primary benefit of using these products is they deliver immediate results – and therefore, an ideal option to cleanse your body before a urine drug test. All you need to do is take the supplement as instructed, which will cause you to urinate frequently. This aids in optimal cleansing. 

However, for the detox supplements to be most effective, it is advised to take essential vitamins and minerals as mentioned above. This will help replenish the required nutrients in your body, allowing components in the detox supplement to work efficiently. 

All these vitamins and minerals can help eliminate toxins and drug traces from the system, ensuring you can pass an upcoming drug test. Make sure you abstain from consuming marijuana or other drugs when under the detox process.   


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