How Cancer Effect the Body

As we all know that cancer is basically the body’s abnormal and uncontrolled growth of cells; of a specific part of the body. When these abnormal or uncontrollable cells grow or when our body stops working normally; cancer takes place in our body.

Cancer; as we know it is one of the leading diseases that are most affecting people today. But the best part about being in an advanced era is, unlike old-time, almost all the deadly diseases are now curable. And when I say all the diseases, I even mean cancer here.

But along with that comes the worst part too, as with an advanced benefitting era, the busy lifestyle is leading half our generation towards an unhealthy routine, and unknown to what health issues they have.

You can’t easily analyze if a person has cancer until the symptoms start showing, and if noticed late than they can lead to an incurable state. After all, the last stage of cancer is the hardest to treat, and most of the people figure out they have cancer when they reach to its last stage.

Sadly, every year, almost 9.6 million people die of cancer, where most of the victims are men more than women. According to the latest researches done, every sixth death in the world is caused due to cancer, making it the world’s second main cause of death. 

How it Affect Us?

When the cancer cells start being produced in part of our body, these abnormal cells start spreading very fast in that part. Then all these abnormal cells that keep growing to start becoming a lump that further destroys all the cells that are near to it.

Furthermore, with the destroying of all the normal cells that are around the cancer cells, the healthy tissues of the body also start damaging. This results in the serious and continuous sickness of the person who is affected by cancer.  In the beginning, the sickness starts with incurable flu and leads towards more health issues that are incurable with normal medicines.

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Basically, the cancer cells kill the body’s curing ability and start growing more and more with time. Sometimes, this abnormal growth of cells even stops after a certain growth, where then; cancer stops at a specific stage making it easier to cure. But mostly, if it isn’t diagnosed on time and the cure doesn’t start on time, then the growth continues and starts growing from just a part of the body towards other parts too.

Now, cancer doesn’t directly affect the curing ability of our body, i.e. the red blood cells, but rather affects the bone marrow of our body. When it affects the bone marrow, the amount of red blood cells decreases automatically. This decreases in the red blood cells further lead towards less circulation of oxygen in the body, making a person’s condition extreme critical and hard to cure. 

Are there any Mental Effects of Cancer?

Yes, just like the process of cancer affecting our body affects it badly; it even affects our mental health too. Although the effects of cancer aren’t too much on our mental health, as much as it’s cure’s effect is. Now, by the cure, I mean the chemotherapies and radio-sessions and the entire treatment process of cancer that takes a lot of time and medical sessions.

These radiations and therapies, as we know makes us lose our hair slowly; but that’s not all to them. They affect our mental health too. 
During cancer, and its treatment a person goes through many mental phases, affecting their mental health. It can be a lot easier to cope up with the mental effects of cancer once you know what the main side effects to it are. Most mental feelings include;

  • Denial
  • Anger
  • Guilt
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Loneliness
  • Isolation
  • Depression
  • Fear, and much more.
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Now as a side effect of the chemo sessions that a cancer patient goes through, can cause different cognitive impairment, including;

  • Feeling of fatigue.
  • Feeling of depression.
  • Feeling of fog.
  • Feeling of weak memory.
  • Feeling of lack of concentration.

Warning Signs of Cancer:

We all know how cancer is a dangerous and most death-causing disease in the world, but what’s the solution to decrease this issue? How can we really lessen the deaths caused by cancer in the world today? There’s just a simple way to do that, and its enlightenment.

Half of the people of this world still don’t know the major signs and symptoms of cancer or its warning signs. Most of the warning signs are ignored as just a normal hormonal change or a seasonal cough until it gets worse. Where instead, knowing the major warning signs and symptoms of cancer, is really very important in order to self-diagnose our health issues and get proper medical help, on time.

But that’s not all that we have to do there, because self-enlightenment comes with social awareness too. Spreading the knowledge and symptoms around us can really help a lot in minimizing the deaths caused by cancer. In order to enlighten ourselves and others around us, let’s discuss the main symptoms or warning signs of cancer.

  1. Having a continuous cough, or hoarseness.
  2. A change in a wart or a mole.
  3. A score or scar that isn’t healing.
  4. Frequent or unusual bleeding or discharge.
  5. A feeling of change in bladder or bowel habits of the body.
  6. Feeling a lump or thickening in the breast or anywhere else.
  7. Having difficulty in swallowing or feeling of indigestion.

Although, all cancers are curable if diagnosed in the early stages and if reaches a later stage; cancer still is treatable and can be cured. But knowing the warning signs to it can really help a person in early self-diagnosis and instant treatment, for them to be healthy and normal back again just at the early stages.


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