Advantages Of Having A Modular Kitchen

The term modular kitchen is used for the well-designed modern kitchen. Cooking is one of the essential areas in the house that gets attention while designing. It constitutes a home and not a house that is the attachment people have when it comes to the kitchen.

It is essential to have an excellent kitchen to be designed according to your ideas to get the motivation to cook. Modular kitchens can be well-designed for the space available. The term module is used because it consists of units, and each group can be rearranged according to the liking of the individual

Modular kitchens have an advantage over the traditional kitchen as the modular kitchens are efficient in space management, aesthetics, storage, and usability. Modular kitchens are very easy to install, maintain, remold, reuse and price efficient as well, modular kitchens use low-cost wood such as Californian rubber, jackfruit wood, South African timber, and plywood. The cabin’s railings and holding space are made from aluminum which is low in cost compared to other design material.

Advantage Of Having A Modular Kitchen

The advantage of a modular kitchen is that the design of the kitchen can be changed regularly. The unit can be added and can be removed, which is suitable for the liking of the individual; it can be designed to a person’s individual needs and requirements.

The units are made into a floor cabin, floor units, floor drawer, and floor layout. The units usually consist of granite countertop, counter crack, wiring, and in-built oven, space for a fridge, chimney, dishwasher, sink, and built-in ice-box. There are various types of modular kitchen designs which suit the requirement of each individual. 

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Kitchen Design Layouts

1. L shaped Layout  

This is one of the most ordinarily used forms of designee; the design of the floor layout is L shaped. This type of modular kitchen design is suitable for a small house, apartment. The L shaped format is more economical and space-friendly. There is little use of the material and low labor charges for the construction of L shaped kitchens.

For the ones who are confused about utilizing the space or are of the impression that nothing can be done with a small space, you have the most absurd belief. You can turn your small kitchen into a beautiful spot by using L shaped layout. 

2. Straight Layout 

This form of modular kitchen design is used for lofts where one corner of the loft is used for the kitchen. In this form of Layout, designers avoid using colors like red or orange because they give you an illusion of having a small and tightly packed kitchen. Kitchen cabinets are utilized to the small space entirely and make it look beautiful. Glass textured shelves are used to give it a classy impression. 

3. U shaped Layout  

U shaped layout is suitable for a large spaced kitchen, for the ones who believe in having a good start in the morning, the kitchen does play an important role. For U shaped, THE individual can paint kitchens with vibrant colors such as red or yellow. It has a significant impact on individuals as bright colors are to be believed for enlightening the mood. A U shaped layout has a small storage room attached and fancy cabinets are attached as well to improve the storage place in the kitchen. 

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4. Island layout  

It is a modular kitchen design with a mix of both L shaped and U shaped layout. There is a massive granite counter in the middle of the kitchen and an L shaped Layout in the side. For the ones who are known to be Perfectionist, Island layout kitchen design is planned in an organized manner and a professional manner.

This type of design contains a lot of cabins, a large conventional oven, a two-door fridge, a large dishwasher, etc. Island layout usually has a glass rooftop which will let sunlight throughout the day and a lot of plants in and around the kitchen to keep the kitchen cool during the summer season.

This type of design has a lot of natural light penetrate in the kitchen, and this happens by having large windows with a light-colored curtain. It can also have translucent windows to have the light rays penetrate through the window.


There are various modular kitchen designs that individuals can opt from, and satisfaction lies when an individual discovers the conception and designs it according to his/ her personality. If some research is done on the internet and other sources, individuals will get a technical approach to support their creativity. Afterward, individuals can plan their kitchen design themselves. The modular kitchen design is getting better day by day, so the individual can design the kitchen, which will match their personality.


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