Buying a Casket

Planning a funeral can be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time doing it not to mention in between dealing with grief and loss of losing a loved one. One of the most essential purchases you have to make when planning a funeral is buying a good casket for the dearly departed.

Not so long ago, people used to buy caskets from the funeral home. But with modern advancements in the IT space, people can now buy a customized casket online and have it delivered to the funeral home.

To help you find a great casket, we have compiled five questions you might have about purchasing custom caskets online.

1. Will I Have To Be at the Funeral Home To Receive the Casket I Ordered?

While it may be a great idea to inspect a casket on arrival, it is not mandatory for you to be at the funeral home once the delivery is made. It’s also illegal for a funeral home to refuse any third-party merchandise until the owners have inspected it. Such a refusal would place an unreasonable burden on you; it would also be a blatant violation of the TFC Funeral Rule Section 453.4(b)(1).

If you wish to be present, request your online provider to notify you prior. The only time you must be present to accept the delivery is when the casket is being delivered to a residential home.

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2. What Size of a Casket Should I Order?

A standard casket is 24-inches wide in its interior. The standard size fits adults of up to 300 pounds and 6’10’’ inches. However, it’s highly recommended that you confirm the sizing with a professional such as a funeral director. They will help you accurately determine the appropriate casket size for your loved one. 

If you have any customization ideas you’d like done on the casket, you can check out this website to learn more about custom-made caskets.

3. What Happens When the Casket Arrives Damaged?

This is a question you should direct to your provider. You want to ensure that the company has a return policy with a guarantee of immediate delivery. However, damaged caskets on delivery are extremely rare since providers are aware of how precious their products are along with the time factor. 

Therefore, transport services for caskets are always suitable for such highly personal, delicate, and special cargo.

4. How Do You Place an Order?

Buying your casket online is just as straightforward as checking out a product on amazon. Add the coffin to your cart and follow the directions that will show on the checkout flow. The company will then review your order to ensure that you have provided everything needed to process and later deliver your order. 

5. Why Buy Online Instead Of A Funeral Home?

Online providers offer competitive and unbeatable prices with superior quality caskets. The services offered are often a lot better and more personal than funeral homes. What’s best is that you can customize your casket. The designs from online providers are thoughtful, and you can always voice out any special requests for custom orders.

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Consider Buying Custom Caskets Online

Making big purchases through the internet commonly raises worry. However, buying a custom casket online is one of the best solutions for families facing a difficult mourning period. It’s more affordable, gives you safe pre-planning options, and provides an overall better shopping experience.



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