First Aid certification

Thanks to modern technology, you can take courses in pretty much any industry, including the health field. Getting your CPR and first aid certification online provides better accessibility and flexibility in terms of effort and time.

Additionally, you not only get knowledge, experience, confidence, and skills but also a certificate to help prove that you are trained.

You can now earn your CPR and first aid certification at the comfort of your home through online training. Here is what you will learn CPR and first aid in your classes.

CPR certification

The first step in CPR and first aid certification training is learning your role as the support provider.

In CPR training, you get trained on how to recognize any emergency, how to move the casualty to safety, the importance of the help you will render, and how to use protective barriers.

Through CPR training you can conduct primary assessments on unresponsive and responsive persons and determine the best action to take. Additionally, you learn how to do One-person CPR, hands, only CPR, and how to perform CPR as a team of two. Medical professionals get further training on using AED equipment to help save lives.

First aid certification

First aid involves using simple supportive skills to bring tremendous impact to individuals in a life-threatening medical situation. First aid training is among the most critical courses to take as it enhances life preservation. Through first aid training, you become armed and confident to deliver life-saving assistance when the need arises.

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First aid online training involves both theory and practical sessions. The instructor sends video clips you can use to practice your skills after covering the theoretical part. Through this training you learn how to;

  • Ensure scene safety
  • Examine a casualty
  • Conduct basic life support (BLS)
  • Deal with trauma and bleeding
  • Resuscitation

The training provides further essential skills, such as burns management, wound care, providing assistance when an individual is choking or not breathing, and more emergencies. Additionally, you will learn how to deal with fractures, identify shocks, and help in the event of sudden illnesses, including seizures and heart attacks.

What to consider when choosing an online training program

You can expect to complete most online CPR and first aid certification courses in one day. However, this depends on the content and complexity offered in the classes. Ensure you enroll in a program that issues certification upon completion of your training.

The online instructor offering CPR and first aid certification training should provide extra assistance when you feel uncomfortable about the real-life scenarios in video clips meant to help you practice your skills.

Some online programs that offer CPR and first aid certification, issue practice tests, and exams to assess how much you have learned from the training before providing a certificate.

Putting your lessons into actions

After you have earned your CPR and first aid certification, do not allow fear to get in the way of saving someone’s life. Your online training will equip you in the best way to handle any life-threatening emergency.

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Are you ready to get your online certification?

Now that you can have your CPR and first aid training at any time and anywhere, it’s time to enroll in a program that matches your preferences and training needs.



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