Living in Vancouver

As the most expensive city in the country, Living in Vancouver has a reputation for being a city that makes you break the bank if you want to live in it.  Although it’s true that it’s hard to find affordable housing here: the cost is absolutely worth it. These are the reasons why Vancouver comes with such a steep price tag and some of the reasons people find it worth the cost.

Every Perk Is a Reason It’s Expensive Living in Vancouver

When we break it down, every single item that adds expense to Vancouver is also something that makes it a worthwhile city.

It balances itself out from the fantastic views to the endless job opportunities and incredible entertainment. So if any of these following reasons speak to you, consider making the move.

Great View With a Lack of Land to Spread to

One of the largest reasons Vancouver is so expensive is that so many gorgeous views encircle it that it’s almost impossible for it to spread out very far.  With the sea surrounding it on three sides, and mountains not far away on that fourth side, it’s built into a bubble of ‘just right.

Of course, that endless water is fun for cooling off in the summer, and the mountains are great for a vacation getaway: but the low supply of homes mixed with high demand ups the price. 

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Tons of Fantastic Job Opportunities Within the City

There isn’t one single industry that rules all of Vancouver.  Although it’s known as the main tech hub of Canada, it’s also known as Hollywood North and is a major art hub as well.

The city wears many hats, and all of these come with incredible jobs that allow people to follow their dreams.  Whether someone wants to become a website developer or an actor, the jobs are available here more than anywhere else: which ups the price tag for those moving here to seek work.

British Columbia has the highest minimum wage of all of Canada’s provinces, and because of this, Vancouver offers salaries that are extremely well paying across the board.

The average income in Vancouver sits at $96,423, which is almost $40,000 above the national average income in Canada.  This inspires many to move here and take up skilled jobs to pay them enough to survive.

Beyond the expense of Vancouver homes for sale, there’s tons of entertainment to enjoy here.

From the world-famous Vancouver Film Fest to the endless art galleries and museums, there are plenty of arts to take in.  Countless clubs and bars ensure that you can also have fun without having to think too hard about it, which is a perfect balancing act.

Living in Vancouver Is Worth Every Penny

If Vancouver is your first big city experience, of course, it’s going to feel like a lot; this is the most expensive city in Canada!  Fortunately, that cost isn’t for nothing.  This is a fantastic place to live, and one of the best cities to work in, don’t be afraid to consider moving here.

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