Sleep Comfortably

Comfortable sleep during pregnancy is quite like a mission impossible. Big belly, heartburn, constant urge to pee, and strong baby kicks, all these factors restrict moms from getting healthy, good quality sleep. However, you can make your sleep environment better in order to doze off to deep sleep. For example, many pregnant women find it easier to fall asleep with pitch-black darkness, therefore, a super soft, cooling and hypoallergenic eye mask like Mela EyeMask can contribute to a good night’s sleep. Furthermore, we’ve mentioned several ways in this article to help you sleep better and sleep comfortably during pregnancy, read on!

Empty Your Bladder

Changes in hormones cause pregnant women to deal with frequent urination, and this can certainly be very frustrating.

Therefore, you can go to the restroom and empty your bladder completely by exhaling right before going to bed. Moreover, avoiding drinking excessive water or liquids three to four hours before bedtime can also help you with constant bathroom trips.

But you shouldn’t get dehydrated, so it’s important to drink a lot of water during the daytime.

Get Rid of Pessimistic Thoughts Before Going to Bed

When you’re about to be a mom, you’re constantly nagged by thoughts about your newborn baby, work-life balance, new responsibilities, and whatnot. These anxious thoughts can keep you up all night.

Hence, it’s essential to write down your thoughts in a journal before going to bed and clearing your mind of any disturbing thoughts. If the situation is not getting under control, talking to a professional therapist can help you cope with your situation better.

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Move Your Body

Being a little active even during your pregnancy can help you with smooth blood circulation in your body and prevent leg cramps at nighttime.

Therefore, you can try walking for 20 to 30 minutes for 3 to 4 days a week, or you can also sign up for pregnancy yoga classes.

Yoga for pregnancy can not only help you with relaxing your mind but you will also be able to stretch your body for better health.

Stack Some Pillows

As your baby bump grows bigger, you will find it harder to Sleep Comfortably at night. Pregnancy pillows are specially designed to support the big belly and your legs for comfortable sleep.

You can also use regular pillows and put them under your knee and under your belly. If your pillows are taking too much space on the bed, you can ask your partner to sleep in a different room to prevent their sleep from disrupting.

Help the Heartburn

Mothers-to-be suffer from indigestion and heartburn because of hormonal changes. This may become worse when their belly grows bigger and presses on the stomach.

To prevent these annoying symptoms, you shouldn’t eat too late at night. Eating in small portions and slowly chewing the food can also help.

Moreover, you should completely avoid fried, acidic, or spicy food for dinner. You can also try elevating your pillows by 10 to 15 cm to avoid acidity in your stomach.

If your symptoms still don’t get better, you should consult your general physician.


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