oral b electric toothbrush

How to choose the right electric toothbrush, connected or not.

It allows you to adopt better reflexes for your oral hygiene: oral b electric toothbrush for an excellent daily cleaning, you will take full advantage of an electric toothbrush. But how do you choose it?

If you don’t brush your teeth for long enough and don’t use the right gestures, you significantly increase your exposure to cavities. Because it is not always easy to determine the rhythm and the most influential movements to properly clean your teeth, using an electric brush makes it easier.

However, there are now many models on the market, at prices varying from simple to triple. Indeed, at the entry-level, we manage to find references around (and sometimes even below) € 30 … But when we look for more features and favor big brands, the price to pay can exceed 100 € cheerfully.

So does it cost a lot of money to get an electric toothbrush? What are the most important criteria to consider to make the right choice? Everything will depend on your habits and what you expect from this little device.

Connected or not: an impact on the price and the experience

If electric toothbrushes have already been around for many years, there has been an evolution of models for some time, with more and more devices connected to smartphones.

The manufacturers are pairing their product with a mobile app that truly helps them brush their teeth better. Oral b electric toothbrush, For example, thanks to the brush position detection, you can know which areas have been treated to identify better those you have forgotten and rectify.

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Other how to find a lost iphone features sometimes further optimize the brushing technique, such as pressure sensors that warn you if you press too hard and put your gums in danger. Of course,  these products also offer many innovations in ergonomics, with brushes capable of cleaning every nook and cranny, easy to handle, and efficient in their movements.

The connected electric toothbrush of Oral-B, for example, appears to be a safe and effective solution. It is the first to include the famous position sensing technology. It eliminates up to 100% of dental plaque thanks to its round brush and its 3D cleaning that helps it adapt to each tooth’s shape.

Transport: an essential asset for users who travel

Some people may shun electric toothbrushes because they find them too complicated. To carry in a bag or suitcase when traveling. Indeed they take up more space. Then their competitors without a motor, not to mention that they are heavier and more restrictive to use when traveling (you have to bring something to charge the battery or charge the batteries, for example).

To respond to the problems of people who regularly go away from home. Some brands have designed well-thought-out devices for travelers. They offer autonomy for several weeks. Ideal for those who want to go out for a few days. Without having to take a charger with them.

It is impossible to obtain packs with incredibly well-thought-out accessories such as the charge glass: a clever dual-use that will appeal to the most skeptical.

The Philips brand has developed a kit with an electric toothbrush, a USB travel case, and a charging glass. She has made no concessions in her device’s quality,  which works with an Adaptive Clean brush specially manufactured to remove as much dental plaque as possible. All these advantages come at a cost: the set is sold for more than 180 € in most cases.

The price: solutions for those looking for an affordable oral b electric toothbrush

As long as they are connected, easy to carry, and claim significant innovations to improve cleaning quality, electric toothbrushes sell quite expensive, often for more than 100 €.

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However, most viewed videos on youtube do not want to spend so much money on this purchase. This is why some brands are also choosing to market simpler models and more affordable.

They are usually not connected, but they can help you clean your mouth better in some cases. For example, some vibrate every 30 seconds to encourage you to change zones.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Toothbrush

Sold for around thirty euros, this Xiaomi device appeals to its compactness, its non-slip handle, or its automatic shutdown after two minutes to encourage you to brush your teeth long enough.

The public: more fun alternatives for children

It is not always easy to convince children to brush their teeth … So obviously, when it comes to making them. Aware of the right gestures and the importance of doing. It for at least 2 or 3 minutes. The mission can quickly become impossible with the most impatient.

If you’re struggling to motivate the troops, you can equip the younger ones with a connected and fun brush. Brands are developing incredibly well-designed devices.

They are both practical for parents. (the applications make it possible to monitor the quality of brushing. And the effectiveness of gestures) and pleasant to use for children (designs in the colors of their favorite heroes, original sounds to guide motions, etc.).

As for the Philips brand, we applaud the “Sonicare for Kids” electric toothbrush.

Philips Sonicare for Kids oral b electric toothbrush

The Sonicare for Kids electric toothbrush is connected. Colorful suitable for very young children from 3 years old. And upgradeable with an advanced mode for those over seven years old. Finally,‌ it is a model for less than 50 €, which remains quite honest given the prices of competing products on the market.

As you can see, How‌ To‌ ‌Find‌ ‌IP‌ ‌Address shows models of electric toothbrushes suitable for all profiles and all needs. It’s up to you to identify what you expect from this device. As well as the amount. You are willing to spend to give it to yourself. These two essential criteria will help you make an informed choice.


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