Movies and web series- two places that have something for everyone! People have subjective tastes and what one man may find to be romantic, another man will find cheesy! You can hate certain movies but you cannot hate all! And as for web series, they are the toast of today’s cinematic art! Indians are just fed up with the old routine of ladies howling over their husbands and even more importantly, their mothers-in-law! We need a reboot in that department and web series are just giving us that!

And movies today, carry a lot of messages and issues which before could not even be mentioned in public! Think about Vicky Donor which deals with sperm donation or Shubh Mangal Savdhaan which deals with erectile dysfunction- would such films be accepted by the public even a couple of decades before? visit here

Filmmakers to Drop Content

The Indian moviegoer has evolved a lot in the past decade and that has given filmmakers to drop content which they earlier would not even have dreamt of! Bollywood presents some of the classiest art films nowadays and these are critically acclaimed across the world. But unfortunately, art films do not survive very long in the theatres.

There are quite a few people who would still prefer the typical Bollywood masala over social issues and aesthetics! That is why art films and medium budget films, even with great content do not survive over a week or 10 days at the movies. This is where online streaming sites help the artistic cine lover! But, unfortunately for us, Amazon Prime and Netflix do not seem to store most of the lovely art films the country produces, in Hindi or the regional languages!

But you see, watching them on television is such a problem! You never know what movie will be shown at that time. And why should you wait for luck when you really want to watch a film you have heard a lot about? That is why we are all turning to online streaming platforms! Amazon Prime, Netflix and what not! But all these charge a bomb for their content. But we have a secret site up the sleeve for you- Movie rulz! Here you will get to watch the latest movies in English, Hindi and many regional languages of India! So strap your belts on and read on to see the benefits of switching to Movierulz is your go-to site for the movie marathon! 

What is Movierulz?

Movierulz HD is an online website which offers you a mind-boggling range of movies, and waits for it, absolutely free of charge! It has the latest English, Hindi, Telugu and other Indian regional language movies in stock! You might even find movies that released a mere week ago on the site! They have the best quality also. Though their content is pirated, they do not compromise with the quality of the streaming. 

Most sites that offer pirated versions give you hazy pictures and subtitles that run either way too ahead or way too behind the original dialogues! And from personal experience, I can tell you, it irks everybody! But with Movierulzfree, you will never know that it was pirated. The picture quality is just brilliant and they make sure the subtitles are on time. What more does a movie lover need? A tub of popcorn, maybe!

And all this for free! Unlike the famed Amazon Prime and Netflix, who charge Rs 129 and Rs 799 per month respectively, Movierulz does not rack up the credit card charges. That must make you wonder- where do they get the resources for streaming all these wonderful movies? Well, you will be surprised to know that Movie ruls is a multimillion-dollar website! And all this because of the number of advertisements they have! This might be a teeny tiny bother but trust me, it is much better than paying hundreds every month!

Movie Rulz will offer you a spread of movies that can be found nowhere but the theatres! You will be watching the movie for free when your friend is paying Rs 250 and buying a tub of popcorn worth Rs 300 for the same movie! visit here

But not only that. It has all the movies to cater to the classic movie lover! They have all the English and Hindi classics which will never get old! The website is always work in progress as the minute a movie shows up in the Indian theatre; Movie rulz makes sure it is on their platter of choices too! And do not get me started on the genres! There are far too many.

There is action with War and Avengers, there is a romance with Kabir Singh, there is animated with The Lion King and then there is the story with the moral, Article 15. So you have a wide range to choose your movie from1 Take your pick!

You will have noticed that most Indian websites offering pirated movies do not give you a single link for the movie. They give you a broken link which leads you to another page and that page leads to a third. It turns into an absolute mess and then you lose interest in the movie! Who wants to go through a number of strange, unwanted virus-ridden sites when you can get it with a single click?

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Is Movierulz Legal?

Cyber laws are extremely ambiguous and often cannot answer our questions about whether or not the site is safe and legal. While piracy may be a big no-no, there are no clear cut rules or guidelines for what to do with pirated content being streamed on the Internet. Cyber laws are very clear that you may not copy or reproduce content which is protected under copyright laws. But these laws defer from country to country. For example, the USA is very strict with people who do this.

In India, there is a clear cut rule that anybody who is caught filming the movie on their phone in the movie hall will be caught and prosecuted. But again, there are so many websites in India that stream pirated content and there are no laws prohibiting such! Though the country has blocked a number of movie streaming sites, you can actually access each and every one of them by simply changing the VPN.

The thing is, as ordinary citizens, we are pretty safe! We can watch and even download all pirated material streamed online. However, be careful never to upload pirated material as that can make the cybersecurity department mighty angry with you!

Warnings for This Site

But there are some not so subtle warnings which you need to follow when you access these kinds of sites. Often, clicking on these sites may redirect you to virus-ridden websites. These websites are full of spam and must be avoided at all costs. It is here that you must install a strong adblocker.

They are very useful and you should download them as Chrome extensions. This way, the Movierulz page will be unable to call in any spam site which may harm your computer. To be on the safe side, also make sure you have an anti-virus installed! It has often happened to me that I have forgotten to renew it and I have fallen in trouble for that. So please check all that!

And another major advice. All visual content in Movie rules is free. So they do not need your bank details or your card details. Refrain from sharing any such details with the website. It may be a hoax and a threat to your cash!

How do I unblock Movierulz?

As you probably know very well, the Indian Government has blocked out most of the movie streaming sites, making us movie lovers high and dry! So how do we access all the magnificent content on Movierulz?

The simple answer to it is- a VPN extension on your Google Chrome! This will help you to easily unblock the website. I like to use the Hola VPN but you can use any one of your preferences! On the VPN, simply select a location that allows the site and has not blocked it! And do not worry, neither Google nor the site server will save any data about the location so you will not be charged for having changed your location on your VPN! Though, I would suggest, however, to go for a paid VPN! This will make the sites you log onto safe and you will not be held accountable in the least!

Benefits of Using Movierulz

  • It is free of charge. It never asks for credit card details and you need not even make an account. In this way, the site does not get cookies and cannot bombard you with irrelevant advertisements and spam websites.
  • It has extremely high quality of visual content.  Most of them are more than 720p!
  • It gives you a number of options to choose from. For every movie, you get multiple links and each link has a different playback quality. So if you do not like the playback quality of a particular link, you can always go back and select another link.
  • You can watch the movie at different playback speeds. Most sites do not give you this fantastic option but Movie Ruls does! By using Movierulz free website, you can always speed up or slow down the playback!
  • In the world of piracy, not much is safe! Most websites come with a barrage of viruses and lead you to a number of spam websites with irrelevant content when you click on the link for a movie. But Movie Rules is solely for the purpose of entertainment! They do not beat around the bush and take you directly to the movie. The only time they shift from movies is to show advertisements and that too recent, relevant ones. Compared to the other websites which peddle pirated content, this is very safe.


Movierulz- Telugu

All the big shots in the great online movie streaming industry have great collections of both English and Hindi movies. You name it and it is there! But how many such streaming sites can vouch for the Indian regional languages?

You see, India has one of the best regional film industries in the world. The movie churns out every year is mind-boggling! So why is it that these regional films, many of which find critical acclaim in foreign film awards, do not find their way on the massive streaming platforms?

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But that is not the case with Movie Rules. We are not going to shy away from showcasing the talent our regional film industries have! And on top of the list is the Telugu film industry- Tollywood! This is one of the most underrated industries in the country! And the Telugu page does justice to the wonders of Telugu cinema! The Movierulz Telugu 2018 section has a plethora of movies which released last year.

2018 was a big year for Telugu cinema and all the best movies are stacked up in this section. Go to the Movierulz Telugu and Malayalam movies page and you will get all you need! So many Telugu films have been remade into Hindi movies and yet, most Indians are not aware of the great treasure it contains! That is why we have a number of Telugu films to showcase the worth of the industry.

Not only the latest but all the classics also, arranged according to the genre and even actors present! And if you want to search for the movie by the year of release, simply type the year into the search bar, like Movieruls Telugu 2015 and voila, you have the list you need!

Movierulz Kannada

Sandalwood or the film industry of Karnataka is a booming one! Starting from Sati Sulochana in 1934 to the KGF movies in 2018, it has come a long way and is one of the most prolific movie industries in the south.

In fact, the revenue it collects every year is just mind-boggling! South India is already famous for original ideas and many Bollywood ideas spawn from them. So why is it that it does not find that much representation in the world movie market? It is probably because most of the online streaming sites overlook the genius these industries present.

But the Movierulz website does not! We have a Kannada page where you will find the most recent films from the industry. Just put Movierulz 2018 or 2019 on the search bar and all the new movies will just pop up! So if you are fond of Yash or Prakash Raj or Radhika Mandanna, this is the place to go to!

In fact, even in the other states of India, South Indian films do not run for very long. But they are cinematic gems which must be seen! And this is where Movierulz saves the day! You can stream the Kannada movies or even download them and watch them at your own leisure!

Can you download movies from Movierulz?

Yes of course. You can download movies from this site. Unlike most streaming platforms, however, This site does not give you the option of selecting the quality of the download. But good news, it does not matter as the visual content on Movie Rulez usually has good quality! After you select the movie to download, you may also get an option to download subtitles. However, since they are pirated, the subtitles may be saved separately in a file on your computer. Then, whenever you open the movie file, you have to simultaneously open the subtitles file also to view them together.

How to download a movie from Movieruls?

  • First of all, select the film.
  • Then click on it.
  • You will be redirected to a new page which is all about the movie.
  • Then below the movie poster, you will find a drop-down menu with a number of links to choose from. All these links have a different quality of streaming.
  • I would advise you to try out all the links and check the playback speed and quality.
  • Once you have chosen the particular link, you will be diverted to a new page. There just click on the download movie button to download it.
  • Often it may happen that a link stops working and the download stops midway. In this case, leave that link be and go back and try another one.
  • You can easily watch it on your laptop. If you want a bigger screen, just hook up the movie via a USB cable and voila, movie time will be perfect!

How to watch Movie Rulz on your smartphone

Our smartphones have become an extension of our hands! We are always carrying them with us. In fact, we usually even have our earphones on us- to get through the mundane bus journey or to pull through family reunions!  So it happens that in our busy lives, we may not get enough time to boot the laptop or PC and start watching.

Sometimes the only thing we can do is watch during transit or in a small break from work! So would it not be useful if you could download the movies and store them on your phone? To watch whenever you are free!

Accessed Via the Smartphone

The good news is that this movie website can be accessed via the smartphone! Though you can search for it via Google Chrome also, I would suggest using the IC browser. This browser is the most compatible with this movie website and has the power to block spam sites that pop up.

So before you log on to Movie Rulez, it would be better if you download the browser. Even on the mobile, you will get multiple links to choose from and most of the links have high-quality visual content. It is fairly safe and you can go ahead and download movies on your phone using Movie Ruls.


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