how to wash pillows

In summer, as in winter, it is essential to wash our duvet covers, sheets regularly, and other mattress covers every month, which is a pronounced reflex. But what about our pillows and duvets? How to wash pillows Much thicker and often protected linens, it is not easy to clean them. Doesn’t a machine run risk damaging this particular household linen that is our duvets and pillows? The Compagnie Du Blanc gives you all the secrets to cleaning a duvet or cleaning a pad.


Remember that at night we eliminate between 0.5 and 1.5 liters of water. Humidity is also the major problem with our pillows, duvets, and mattresses, promoting the development of bacteria and mites. So, just like we wash our pillowcases, the buffer washes in a washing machine every three months to eliminate pests and drive away moisture.

The filling of the pillow will influence its cleaning conditions.

  • A natural fiber pillow filling is less compact. It will machine wash between 40 ° and 60 ° C. Adding a tennis ball to the washing machine’s drum re-inflates your pillow and keeps it soft. Remember to turn them over, and air dry them.
  • A wadding pillow filling is more fragile. Therefore, it is advisable to stuff the machine – for example, with all sheets, mattress covers, duvet covers, and mattress covers – to avoid deformation of the pillow. It to be washed between 40 ° and 60 ° C or even 95 ° C, according to the washing instructions on the label. These pillows are to be tumble dried at a moderate temperature.
  • Pillows with feathers or duvets are often very delicate. It is recommended to machine wash them at the temperature indicated on the label or in a dry cleaner.

Prefer – to eliminate any moisture – to air dry your pillows and remember to turn them over. Also, note that some manufacturers offer pads that are easy to wash. If your pillows are yellowed and flattened, a passage through the machine box will not allow them to recover their softness and whiten them. They are simply at the end of their life and must be changed, on average, every three years.

How To Wash Pillows

Like the pillow, this household linen is also machine washable, but the difficulty with the best tablet for kids duvet lies in its size and thickness. Washing a duvet too often destroys it; professionals recommend washing a duvet every two years and changing a duvet every five years.

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A fine 200 × 200 duvet will easily fit in a seven-kilogram machine, but for the larger duvet size, 220 × 240, you have several options for washing it. At the laundry, the washing cycle will cost you between € 7 and € 15. Drying, meanwhile, will require a few hours of patience. For machine drying, a moderate temperature is recommended, the best-being air drying. A duvet can also be washed by hand, but you will have difficulty spinning and drying the duvet (5 days of drying on average).

To prevent the thick fibers of your duvet from settling, you must make sure to hit your duvet by incorporating old sneakers or tennis balls in a pantyhose into the drum. The washing cycle should be done at a temperature of fewer than 60 ° degrees. Mites eliminated from 30 ° degrees.

Finally, as with pillows, the filling of the duvet influences the washing conditions. Natural fiber fillings and synthetic fillings are more resistant to machine washing. Some duvets, like some pillows, have “antibacterial” and “easy to wash” characteristics. For duvets with feather and down filling, they are also machine washable but require special attention. Dry cleaning requires for this type of duvet. Count on average 15 euros to clean your duvet. You can again wash your duvets before winter or summer.

When it comes to laundry, prefer whatever you use. However, use a liquid detergent because it is more soluble than a powder detergent.

01 Wash a synthetic pillow

The synthetic pillows resistant and can easily machine wash on the condition, of course, to respect a special synthetic wash not exceeding 40 degrees. In case the labels should scrutinize to follow the manufacturer’s directions. To preserve your filling, it is advisable to bring it together and sew a few stitches to maintain it. After washing, you can cut the threads. The pillow machine wash. However, you can also machine dry it if it does not contain heat-resistant foam. If not, air dries it.

02 Wash a memory foam pillow

The pillow shape memory consists of an elastic material capable of conforming to the shape of your neck and your head. To preserve the elastic properties of the material, your pillows should not be washed. You can only increase the frequency of cleaning the bedding and apply a mist to the bed.

03 Wash a latex pillow

The same goes for latex pillows. The material is too fragile to wash, so you must change your sheets and pillowcase several times a week. If you want to imbue the cushions with a delicate scent, it is advisable to diffuse essential oils in the bedroom!

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04 Wash a down pillow

The down pillows are very comfortable, and they can wrap yourself … So, to keep it comfortable for the night, you need to wash your pillows, preferably by hand. For this, you need to immerse the pad in lukewarm water mixed with mild soap. You can gently rub your pillow by hand before rinsing it thoroughly in the shower. You can then dry it flat or hang it on the clothesline. Otherwise, you can also wash the down pillows in the washing machine as long as you avoid spinning and choose a program at 40 degrees.

05 Wash a feather pillow

The feather pillow is a very delicate piece of bedding. It is better to avoid machine washing the buffer. Best gaming phone dry washing is much more recommended. For this, you need to sprinkle soda crystals or baking soda powder on your pillow. Then it would help if you rubbed with a sponge all over the pad before shaking and quickly rinsing your pillow.


Time passes, and even with regular washing, a pillow can lose its original whiteness. Don’t panic. There are a few tips for bleaching your bed linen. How to clean a yellowed pad? Follow the leader!

For this simple and efficient washing, you will need to use your washing machine and some products that we all have in our house.

First of all, the best language learning apps check on the label that it is possible to machine wash your pillow. Other than a memory foam pillow, pads in your home allow.

Step 1: Fill your washing machine 1/3 with hot water (or even a large pot of boiling water as an extra)

Step 2: Secondly, add a cup of washing powder.

Step 3: Then add an equivalent dose of bleach.

Step 4: Add the same amount of soda crystals (or baking soda).

Step 5: Start the machine cycle after selecting the hottest program.

Step 6: When the products are well dissolved, open your machine and slide your pillow into the drum.

Step 7: Close the door and let the wash cycle end.

Step 8: For optimal washing, do not hesitate to perform a second rinse.

After following our tips for cleaning your yellow pillow, you will find that the famous sweat stains are just bad memories.

How to dry your pillow after washing?

You can choose to air dry, ideally in the sun, which helps to bleach the laundry. This method recommends for feather and down pillows.

For a synthetic pillow, it is possible to use the dryer at a low temperature.


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