How to Write an Essay Fast

Cannot meet the deadline to write your essay? Maybe, all the guilty lays on improper time management. But, do not quit the opportunity to write it within a short time. Usually, students postpone the writing for the last day, and whatever professors say, it is enough to finish a paper efficiently. Let’s see the strategies allowing students to manage that how to write an essay fast with no trouble.

What Are the First Steps?

Before composing an essay, a person has to prepare several reliable sources that may come in handy when writing. For instance, some educational institutions post them on their websites along with the instructions and scientific standards. If there are none, the basic requirements are:

  • 12 Times New Roman;
  • Double Spaced;
  • 3 parts: Introduction, Main Body, and Conclusion.

If a student has to deal with a scholarship essay, the standards may differ. And, in this case, it is better not to postpone the composition for the last day because gratuitous education is on the line. Besides, there are other types of essays. There are narrative, expository, persuasive, argumentative. So, check the structure of each category individually. 

The next step is to think about the topic. Make sure your presentation should not remind other works. For instance, if a theme is Ethics in old times, do not leave it like this. Try to play with words and come up with an idea of a few variants, it can look like this: Ethics in Old and Modern Times, What are the Pros and Cons of Ethics in Old Times, etc. The main rule is that your topic should evoke the interest when reading it for the first time.

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What about the thesis and hook? The same as fishes get caught on the bait, a student can easily catch the attention of readers. But, this part will take approximately 1-hour minimum. At first, you may have plenty of samples that should be decorated and finalized. So, if you think to do it at the end of writing, leave it. Some professors encourage writing a thesis when a whole composition of the text is at hand. It helps to clearly see what thesis and hook will fit the content. 

And, the last tip for the steps is the usage of the methodology. Do not take the path of the least resistance, probably half of the class will copy the examples from online and submit them as their writing. Try to conduct your research on the topic and get unique results. For instance, if a topic is about Mobile Devices Impact, minimize the browsing of the Internet for a few days, or use a mobile phone only one time per day. And, then mention the results and your feelings toward such limitations. Professor will see an individual approach and may mark your work as a successful one.

How to Speed Up the Writing?

Now, it is high time to meet the deadline. Beware, if you have to submit it in 4 hours, you may also go to the website, and ask for such help. Usually, professional writers can present a fully researched topic and guarantee 100% uniqueness. But, if you still have more time, follow the next approach:

  1. Take a blank paper. Write there the ideas about the topic, all related words, sentences that came to your mind. Try to capture everything that more or less may help with the composition.
  2. Write an introduction. Dedicate 2-3 sentences maximum, if you want to enlarge it, do it at the end when you will have a clear idea of the word count.
  3. Separate the main body in 2-3 subparagraphs. The first 2 leave for theory, and the third one for methodology or results. Do not cover the results in the conclusion.
  4. Write the ending with a passionate attitude. Explain what you wanted to deliver to the readers, but avoid using too much “I/me” qualifiers. 
  5. Reread the text a few times. And check it with online programs that may spot the grammatical and spelling mistakes. Also, if possible ask your relatives/friends to read it and give their independent advice. Sometimes, a person cannot see if the flow of logic is followed. 
  6. Check if all the copied or taken information is cited. This aspect is precisely checked by examiners. And, if you failed to indicate the resource, do not expect a good mark.
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And, at last, when you already presented your work for evaluation, just relax. Some students feel nervous until they know the grade. It is a waste of time, and you may feel really exhausted. It is the wrong strategy. The next time, if you have a long period to finish the work, never postpone it for later. Otherwise, turn to the help of experts who can manage any deadline and who do not sacrifice the quality to write an essay faster.


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