How To Avoid Pimples

Pimples are considered pretty normal, yet a skin issue for just those who are super conscious about their looks. But that’s not all to it, as they may not be a serious skin condition; but if left untreated then they might get worse too. This is why, keeping in mind its causes, symptoms, and ways to avoid it is really important. How to Avoid Pimples?

How to Get Rid of Pimples Fast?


Call it pimples, spots or zits; all of them are a part of acne.  They can appear at any age due to any reason, but most of the time they occur during puberty. This is because during the puberty period the production of our hormones changes

This change in hormone production may cause overactive functioning of the sebaceous glands. Which is present at the base of our hair follicles. Due to this very reason, pimples are most likely to occur on the skin of teenagers of women during menstruation.

Other than the basic cause of pimple related to our hormonal changes. There is another reason due to which pimples may occur; it’s bacterial infections. The place in our skin where dead skin cells clog or block a pore. 

The Growth Of Bacteria

The growth of bacteria is encouraged there. This includes basic bacteria which is slow-growing and linked to acne, known as P. acnes ( Propionibacterium acnes). Although these P. acnes don’t cause any harm to our skin. 

While they barely exist if they reproduce more rapidly than it might cause a skin problem. But with all this, we can be sure that these pimples don’t spread from others and cannot be caught from someone who has this infection.

Signs & Symptoms:

Acne can be diagnosed from normal to worse with some basic signs and symptoms like;

  • Whiteheads; the closed plugged pores in our skin.
  • Blackheads; the open plugged pores in our skin.
  • Papules; the small red bumps on our skin.
  • Pimples; which are the papules having pus present at their tips.
  • Nodules; the large and solid lumps that are painful and take place beneath the surface of our skin.
  • Cystic lesions; the complete pus-filled lumps which are painful and take place at the surface of the skin.
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If such skin conditions occur and one feels no change in the condition with time or any self-remedies; then it is very important to seek a doctor’s help before it gets worse.

What Food Causes Pimples?

Although there is not much proof onto it that some or any food cause pimples to occur on your skin. However, having a healthy diet helps us in getting healthier skin, whereas an unhealthy and processed food diet may cause pimples. 

This is why here are some of the foods that we need to cut short from our daily diet as much as we can and only consume healthy and fresh foods and veggies.

  • All the sugary foods and processed foods containing high glycemic may react in the form of breakouts and acne.
  • Even though all those fried chips and crackers are hard to avoid, they need to be eliminated from our everyday diet for healthier skin.
  • Pastries and cookies can also cause breakouts or acne. So, you can take hem occasionally but don’t make a routine out of it.
  • White bread.
  • Pasta.
  • Soft Drinks don’t really go soft on our skin when reacting against it, so let’s only say YES to healthy and fresh juices.
  • Sugary Juices that contain a high level of sugar may also react in pop up of pimples.

These processed and junk foods are somehow a part of most of the people’s daily diet intake, because either they are too tasty to resist or don’t take much time to cook. But, with such great facts, these also make your blood sugar increase resulting in increased levels of insulin in your body. 

This insulin produces more oil in your sebaceous glands, causing either pimples or breakouts to occur. So, all these tasty foods are doing no good to you with their high negative reactions.

Factors That Make Pimples Worse:

Although not everyone seeks medical or somehow any care in terms of pimples, while on the other hand some of us can’t even bear a single sit on our face or body and try different remedies to avoid such situations. 

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But taking different homemade remedies or not doing anything at all, might not always serve our skin the right way as we expect it to. Hence, there are some factors that may worsen the pimples on our skin and should be avoided in order to keep our skin healthy.

  • Hormonal changes: These changes which mostly appear at the time of puberty n girls and boys can increase the rate of pimples on our skin. With this, hormonal changes during pregnancy or the use of any kind of oral contraceptive pills may also increase the sebum production in our skin. This results in more acne which should be treated properly.
  • Medication: Although not all medications take part in producing some or more pimples on our skin, a few drugs containing either lithium, testosterone or corticosteroids may affect that way.
  • Stress: Believe it or not, Stress is the only reason for a million issues; and pimples are one of those. Although it doesn’t cause pimples, it may worsen pimples that have already appeared on our skin. Hence keeping it low on stress is healthy in every way.
  • Diet: Yes, diet can affect in worsening your acne too. But there are a few certain dietary foods that worsen pimples like skim milk or foods that are rich in carbohydrates i.e.; bread or chips. With this, chocolate has also been a major cause of making acne worse for a long time now.

Key Points:

  • Pimples occur in a range of severity. This range starts from blackheads and leads to cysts.
  • Their occurrence takes place when the sebaceous glands become most active making all the dead skin cells clog the pores, which furthermore leads to an infection; most of the time.
  • Although no specific food encourages the occurring of pimples but maintaining a healthy diet can keep you away from any skin issue.
  • Pimples occur during the time of adolescence mostly, but other than that, they may occur at any age.
  • Pimples can get from normal to worse, if not treated properly.
  • A few factors related to pimples should be clearly avoided, in order to keep our skin healthy and having fewer zits or acne affecting it.
  • Some specific foods intake empowers the production of pimples on our skin. Such foods should be avoided by being a part of our daily diet.