Coil Siding Nailers

Getting confused about picking which coil siding nailer? We know that it is so hard to opt for the correct one. Today, there are many deals of brands to look over in the market, and every one of the brands has its one of kind highlights to offer.

Difference Between a Siding Nailer

First of all, you need to understand the difference between a siding nailer versus a framing nailer. While they are capable of doing the same thing by shooting identical nails, the desired outcome is often different in both cases. The framing nailer is a rough gun which is made for high impact framing for rough millwork and specially made by design to get into tight corners and to toenail with high impact velocity.

The siding nailer, on the contrary, is made to go upright as it is lighter in weight and most importantly has an adjustable trigger that adjusts the depth of the nail getting shot into the siding so you can have a uniform shot in siding over and over and over again. Another thing to note is that it is protected in the front.

So if you are dealing with softer woods like cedar you won’t leave an impression on the wood as you’re shooting into it over and over again. Further, as you are doing siding you don’t want to go back and have to touch it up again for preventing damage to the siding. Therefore, for this purpose, a siding nailer is better than a framing nailer. 

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Differences Between a Framing Gun

In fact, the absence of a nasty mark on board is one of the biggest differences between a framing gun and a coil siding gun. When you use a framing gun for putting your siding up, you will be able to use it for most of your needs but it’s going to leave a nasty mark on the wood.

Such teeth and marring are fine when you’re framing up a rough wall and you want to be able to slam it in there and know especially if you’re on a ladder framing. However, when you’re driving a huge nail into the wood, you would like to use a siding gun as it would not any leave any marks on the surface.

Moreover, owing to its coil-like nail holder, a siding nailer can hold more nails as compared to a framing nailer gun.  This will help in completing the work in a uniform manner on the entire surface without needing to refill the gun again and again.

Nailers With Fiber Bond and Wood Sidings

You can utilize these nailers with fiber bond and wood sidings all with preferable outcomes than what you would have while using a framing nailer. Even though these coil siding nailers might be to some degree pricier than frame nailers of similar brand, their comfort, dependability, and mobility are unparallel.

While looking for the best brand of coil siding nailers, you must look for certain features and qualities that will help you make your job easier and quicker. For example, the coils siding nailer should be an accurate, lightweight, dependable tool with an extra value. The Bostitch coil siding nailer, for example, comes coated with lightweight aluminum, movable exhaust, smooth elastic grip, customizable depth with no blemish tip.

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While it is quite affordable in cost, it is a sturdy performer and does not jam inside. Such siding nailers can be used for numerous works like sheathing, fiber concreting siding, fencing, and wood siding, fiber concrete siding, shingles, and decking.

Drive Nails Accurately

Another quality you should look for in your coil siding nailer is that it should be able to drive nails accurately out of the container, is all around adjusted and one needn’t bother with the nailer to set its nail profundity. It should enable you to set your specific nail faster and properly due to its well-balanced property. CN55R brand from Ouya is one such brand.

Another important quality to look for a coil siding nailer is its ease of use and security. The ideal tool must have the shortest learning curve so that a newbie can also handle it with some practice.  Secondly, if you have kids at home, then to ensure accidental misuse of the tool by them, the same should have a safety lock that is much capable of avoiding accidental injuries while not in use.

Freeman PCN65 is one such brand that comes up with these features. In a nutshell, whether you are a professional or a novice, you require this coil siding nailer. It can be utilized for multiple applications that make it one of the must-have tools in your device chest. We hope that the above-mentioned information about coil siding nailers would certainly help you in choosing the best product for your needs.


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