Choosing A Law Firm

As a business owner, there are many instances where you’d need to hire a lawyer. That’s why we’ll be discussing everything that makes a good law firm, helping you and your business grow. So, read ahead. 

Court Experience

As a business owner, any problems regarding your business won’t be taken to court. Most of the time, it’ll be settled between your lawyers. Although this is usually the case, it doesn’t always happen. Sometimes, things can get serious, and there might be a trial. 

What’s unfortunate is that most lawyers don’t have court experience. This is as they’ve been resolving things behind a desk their whole career. So, when you look for a firm, it’s vital that you pick one with lawyers who’ve not only been to court but are very experienced. This will ensure that you win the case, and give you an edge. 

Their Track Record

Something else you need to assess when looking for a law firm is whether it has a good track record. This is one of the most important things you have to keep in mind as this tells you how good they are. 

You shouldn’t look at their track history in general. You’ll find it very hard to find a law firm that has not won at least a couple of cases, after all. 

Their track record should be analyzed in regards to what you need. For example, you may be facing a personal injury case. If the law firm has a very good track record with anything but this, like wrongful death cases, you’re not getting your money’s worth. So, you’re not going to win the dispute. 


While on the topic of experience and expertise, something that a good law firm will give you is a list of references. They’re confident in their work, so you’ll have a list of numbers that you can call, and get a testament as to how great the lawyers actually are. 

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This is something that’s essential as all the credentials and experience may be bogus or beefed up. In the world of work place conflicts, most disputes don’t go to court. As they’re solved among lawyers, the one who’s better at negotiating will win. 

Negotiating is a separate skill you have to look out for. You don’t have to have the most accreditation or experience to be a good negotiator. Instead, it all comes down to the lawyer’s manipulation tactics.

By speaking to representatives from the firm, you won’t be able to figure this out. This is where references come into play as you can gather how expert the lawyers at the firm are at negotiations. 

How Are You Treated? 

Although it’s not as important, you need to assess how you’re treated when you speak to your option of firms. By making note of this, you’ll make your dispute as smooth as possible. 

The fact is, legal disputes, especially in the workplace are not easy. They tend to last a very long time so your lawyer needs to be someone you’re comfortable communicating with. Otherwise, in the coming months, they’ll be a nightmare. 

Not only should they treat you well, but they should also be good at communicating. After all, the dispute will be going on for a while. So, he needs to keep you informed every step of the way. If not, you could miss out on telling him some pretty vital information, leading you to lose your case. 

Contingency Fees

We all know how expensive lawyers can be. This is no secret. Unfortunately, the most expensive lawyers charge per hour. As you can imagine, this will drain your business as you’ll be paying unprecedented amounts. That’s why you should get a hold of a law firm that charges contingency fees

You may not know what this is, which is fine. It’s when all the sessions are free (they’re not charged) but, you’ll pay the lawyer a cut from the settled amount if they win for you. 

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This is extremely beneficial as disputes in the workplace can take forever. So, if you pay per hour, you can see how troublesome this would be. 

What’s more, as they charge per hour, the lawyers may purposefully drag the process. This not only is a waste of time, but it could lessen your chances of winning the dispute as new evidence could be collected against you in this time span. 

The Work Environment 

All in all, you don’t want to give your money to someone who doesn’t deserve it. Although the firm is experienced, there are others who do an equally great job. 

You’re not choosing to work with them because of their work environment. Unfortunately, some law firms can be extremely toxic so you’re doing well by not endorsing their practices. 

Thankfully, some firms do things like offering incentives for apprentices and clerks, giving them support and incentives for their ongoing law studies and exams.

How Big Is The Firm? 

You don’t want to work with a firm that’s big. Everyone thinks size matters, but it really doesn’t when it comes down to choosing a law firm. This is because the bigger the firm is, the more cases your lawyer has on his shoulders. 

This is certainly not what you want as business disputes take up a long time and require lawyers to know extensive details. So, juggling all these cases will be impossible. He or she may be able to do it, but their dedication to your case will be very divided.

Moreover, if the firm is huge, they probably work on cases in batches. This means you could be at the bottom of the list. This is not great, considering you need to get your problem sorted out immediately. 

Do Lawyers Partner Up For You? 

As we’ve established how extensive disputes in the workplace can be, the firm shouldn’t be reluctant to bring more lawyers on board. This will increase your chances of winning the case as you have countless experts by your side. 
The add on of lawyers could be from partnered firms.


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