No doubt every single individual wish to be in a relationship that will last forever along with guarantee a happy ever after. Unfortunately, this always not happens in the same way! There are so many types of relationships at present, and no individual is sure of where they stand or what to stand.

Well, come to the point, in this article, we are going to discuss 5 different types of relationships in the modern age. Read on!

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Different Types Of Relationships:

Open Relationship:

The relationships where two people are committed to each other emotionally are said to be an open relationship. Is it sexually? Not so much! These people find sexual partners outside the relationship with the consent of one another.

  • Approximate Duration of Open Relationship: A couple of months
  • Advantages: the relationship is open, so you don’t have to fret about making them feel content
  • Disadvantages: There’s no guarantee of lasting this type of relationship, and chances are very high that one individual may start getting possessive about the other

The Rebound Relationship:

The relationship where both the individuals have undergone heartbreak and loss of a lover is said the rebound relationship. These people chose to get together through the pain they share.

  • Approximate Duration of Rebound Relationship: A couple of months – 2 years
  • Advantages: Both individuals are able to understand the other and even they act as a distraction from heartbreak
  • Disadvantages: As they’re rebound, so an individual may never find a real connection with them
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The relationship that occurs during a vacation is said to be as a filing, and it lasts for the duration of the vacation and even ends along with it. In this relation, an individual may be completely loyal to the other person and happy with them, but both people knowing that this relationship going to end!

  • Approximate Duration of Filing: A couple of days
  • Advantages: It is only a passing time relationship, in this, no real promises are made
  • Disadvantages: Filing relationship is bound to end


Perfect Relationship:

The relationship that completely based on trust, respect, and love is said to be a perfect relationship, it is a kind of relationship that you dream of. Both individuals well understand towards each other and even adjust for the other. It is the one that everyone aims for!

  • Approximate Duration of Perfect Relationship: Several years
  • Advantages: It is always perfect. Both express their love for each other, and there is complete trust
  • Disadvantages: There are certain imperfections in life, which may cause several hurdles in your relationship that you’ll overcome with practicality and find the way with the mind over heart

The One True Love:

This is the relationship everyone dreams of. Means, you’re completely different, but you are only in love. The whole world may throw at you, but all you get through it together. In simple terms, you have complete trust, faith, and love in each other. May be there the times that are hard and arguments, but you both know that at the end of the day, your love will win the battle!

  • Approximate Duration of This Relationship: Forever
  • Advantages: In this term of relationship, everything is truthful and you obviously guarantee that this individual will ground you when you get too high and even make you fly when you’re too low
  • Disadvantages: There are not such a prominent and real disadvantages in this relationship as it depends on love, trust, and respect
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