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We recently left the time of year in this country when many families share traditions from Thanksgiving to the New Year. During the holidays for Home Traditions, especially at Christmas, many loved ones tend toward sharing gifts they find noteworthy from heirlooms that they pass from one generation to another. 

Some will look to Watson’s store to help them bring a young couple just starting a new piece like a dining set or a unique blanket chest they can fill full of memories to pass on to their children one day. 

The traditions families share mean to join the generations not only by the material possessions that each passes on but by the stories each piece tells of the life of the people that had it before. 

Once these wonderful people leave us, we have something to remember those times spent with them and recall how the furniture was put to use in their homes. Maybe it was a Sunday dinner every week for the entire family, something that sadly passed with them but a memory that will never be forgotten.

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Keeping Home Traditions Alive with Watson’s

Families today are not the same as they were even just a decade ago, although since the health crises took hold of our society, more people are attempting to get back to those roots.

People were consumed by career and personal agendas for a while, not having much time left for what the young deem old-school traditions like coming home for holidays, birthdays, or even simply for a meal with everyone once a week. 

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Those younger members often realize too late that keeping these rights of passage moving through the generations maintains the family ties and secures what becomes a solid foundation for those coming up in the ranks. Let us look at why it’s vital to keep a sense of family through tradition.

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  • Memories are created through these special moments

There are snapshots we take in our mind, usually of specific moments that mean something extraordinary, whether it is an incredibly poignant expression of love from a sibling or when a grandmother chooses to pass a beloved treasure to you. 

The emotions you attach to these scenarios are always as fresh as the day they happened, no matter when you recall them. You will do so many times over the years, even just by the sight of your sibling or passing by the treasured heirloom after your grandmother has left you. 

While the memories live on in your heart, you have the potential to pass these onto the next generation behind you instead of letting them end with you. Share the love.

  • Bonds can be strengthened

Instead of living a life of self-imposed isolation where work and career are all-consuming, strengthening the bonds with the people who love you should be a priority. 

The traditions that might seem silly and unnecessary as you’re moving up in the world will one day come to your mind with the realization that these were special moments, but it will likely be too late. 

Too often, we wait until families spread too far apart or members have gone from us, leaving very few behind. See here how families have changed over the years. 

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It is critical to enjoy those who mean the most now, whether it be a birthday celebration, an anniversary, a special day between the two of you, or simply enjoying a nice dinner as a regular get-together. 

These activities establish a belonging and develop a bond that everyone will remember as time passes.

Final Thought

When a child sees their immediate and extended families enjoy each other to the extent of sharing traditional experiences, it teaches them family values plus offers them a sense of safety and security that might otherwise be lacking in the world we are living in today.

With the understanding that there are people with whom there can be serious conversations without fear, judgment, or rejection, kids can confidently face almost any situation knowing there is a support system waiting for them. 

It can all start with an old, treasured heirloom or a new piece meant to become that generational tie.


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