Promotional Drinking Bottles

In these competitive and fast-paced times, marketing has evolved and keeping up with these trends is becoming increasingly difficult for business owners. Have you ever wondered how you can take your marketing strategy a notch higher? Try Promotional Drinking Bottles, for starters.

According to PPAI’s 2019 Consumer study research, nearly 10 out of 10 individuals would want to go out of the way to use promotional products. Drinking bottles fall in the top five product categories of promotion. On average, people drink 8 to 10 glasses of water in a day, hence increasing your brand’s visibility and logo. 

Let’s dive in deeper to understand why one must opt for promotional drinking bottles!

  • Higher Brand Recall 

Drinking water bottles are the most commonly found products in our daily life. After all, we don’t expect ourselves to stay thirsty all day. With the onset of summer, our consumption of water is more likely to increase. So, what better opportunity than sending out promotional drink bottles to potential and valued customers. 

Moreover, the brand and your company logo are more likely to be noticed by customers. The repetitive usage of the product and noticing the logo will eventually increase the brand recall of the product in the customer’s minds. Additionally, these bottles will be carried by your customers wherever they go. Hence, the brand can reach a wider audience. 

  • Longer Usability

Promotional drinking bottles are a durable and long-lasting product. As compared to one-time use products, customers are more likely to use water bottles. A water bottle will last at least two years with your customers. Additionally, customised water bottles are made with the help of durable materials. Hence, making them a better alternative to single-use plastic bottles. Their reusability is a brownie point if you are considering investing in promotional drinking bottles. 

  • Available in wide variables 
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Customised promotional drink bottles are readily available in various materials, colours and styles to choose one. One can opt for aluminium, stainless steel, glass or sports bottles. Additionally, there is a wide variety of colour schemes to pick based on your requirements. 

Moreover, you can use this opportunity to strike a chord with your audience by adding puns on the bottle. Make sure that this resembles the overall branding of the company as customers are likely to use them. To keep it short, you can use this opportunity to experiment with what best fits your brand ideology while keeping a lasting impression with the end-user. 

  • A sustainable and reusable alternative

Are you worried about the environment and want to ensure your brand respects the same? Then you would be glad to know that customised water bottles are recyclable and sustainable. 

Compared to most promotional products, water bottles are more likely to be eco-friendly and recycled after usage. By taking up such sustainable actions, customers envision your brand to be conscious and aware of the space it is working and serving. Hence, leaving a positive mark on not just your brand’s ideology but also the environment. 

Switch to Promotional Drinking Bottles

So the next time you are in a fix to choose an effective promotional product, opt for promotional drinking bottles. They are a highly popular product among consumers, hence increasing their usage. 

Moreover, this will increase your brand recall and reach a wider set of consumers. They are safe for consumers and the environment thanks to their recycled materials. Lastly, they are available in different ranges and colours, letting you experiment with what fits best for you!

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