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2022 debuted with record profits for Apple. When the quarterly earnings were released, even the analysts were taken by surprise. The strong financial performance of Apple is attributed to their products and services and the Apple iPhone 13 played the most significant role. There are several reasons why the new Apple phone release from last autumn was received so well. In fact, not only is it a great time to be an Apple shareholder, but it is also a great time to be an Apple iPhone 13 owner as an Important Product.

Don`t Try to Fix What is Not Broken, an Important Product…

There has been a fair amount of criticism regarding the design of iPhones. While the newest generation of iPhones is reminiscent of the previous one, there is a reason why Apple is sticking with it. The new Apple phone release proves that the current design of their product is appealing, practical, and does not require any major improvement. For the vast majority of customers, the way the new Apple phone looks makes it an appealing device to use and look at.

Probably the Best Camera Used on a Mobile Device

If we were to link the success of the iPhone 13 to any of its features, it had to be the camera. In the latest iPhone, the camera sensors received several improvements over the previous generation. They can capture more light which leads to improved photos in low lighting conditions or at night. At the same time, the image quality overall has been improved. Some of this improvement can also be attributed to the image processing and software used by the camera app. One such feature is the Cinematic mode. In this mode, you can record videos that add depth layers. Videos shot in this mode are comparable to videos shot by professionals with professional equipment. The video and image quality are so good that once you use the iPhone 13 even for just a few minutes, you will not want a different phone. The new Apple phone release simply challenged other smartphone manufacturers. Apple introduced what can be considered the best camera used on a mobile device to date.

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More Choices Than Even- an Important Product

Comparing the iPhone 13 with any other flagship device reveals one problem in the form of choice. You would not know which version to use in the comparison because the latest generation of iPhones comes in 4 different options. We have the Mini, the standard version, the Pro, and the Pro Max. The hardware inside is the same. This means that you get the same Apple CPU and GPU. Performance is the same across the board. The difference is made by the screen size and how many cameras you get. Even the Mini which has the least number of cameras does not disappoint. With the new Apple phone release from last autumn, we saw that you do not get an inferior device if you get the cheapest version. Even if the displays vary in range, they all offer the same quality. The story is the same with the battery. While the capacity may vary a bit depending on the model, at the end of the day, you get almost the same use time out of all of them.



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