The term became quite popular and might be a new term for you. Honestly I respect these women cause they manage everything so well. But if you are new to this then in this article I’ll share some tips with you that might help you in this journey. You need to decide first whether you’ll be able to handle both the things properly or not, cause it’s a huge responsibility.

So without blabbering much let’s proceed with the article and let’s take a look at these amazing tips and ideas that might help you with it.

Quick Tips to Memorize

For starters, let me make this thing clear, that yes being a mother is a full time job, but if your dream is to run your business and be an entrepreneur, then you can make it possible. It doesn’t mean you are neglecting or you are overlooking your responsibilities but you are taking more responsible to secure your and your child’s future.

Here are my top tips that you need to memorize or you need to keep in mind.

  1.     Make a To-do list of the day

This is a much more organized and efficient way to start your day. You can even make the list at night, whatever suits you. This way you can remember all the things that you need to do in a day. As there’s a chance you can forget anything cause you have so much to look into.

  1.     Select your team wisely

This step is important. Your team should be flexible and hardworking. You cannot do it on your own without a team that is understanding, and will help you succeed in all means. You need to hire people, who will not only reduce your workload, but your stress load also.

  1.     Take time for yourself

Take time for yourself is similarly important when you are taking so much stress and load. Too much workload can stress your life and you may fall sick as well. It is important for you to take mini vacations. Be strategic with your time and where you will be able to schedule everything. Do not go for multitasking or you’ll get exhausted of work easily. If you feel frustrated and exhausted then you need to take a break. Listen to some music, spend time with your family, do whatever you feel like and then eventually get back to the track.

  1.     Hire someone for cooking and for house chores

If you are taking care of your baby and also your second baby; that’s your business, then you need to drop some of the house chores. Hire a lady for cooking for the family and also for rest of the house chores. Keep a stock on instant milk and formulas in your home for your baby. As you need to feed your small baby quite often, and sometimes it gets difficult to breastfeed. Kendamill formula stage 2 is a great instant milk formula that will help you in these situations.

  1.     Carpool for your kids

First you need to meet with other moms and make a WhatsApp group. Make a WhatsApp group and make friends with them. Fix a carpool for your kids to pick your kids up from school and also drop your kids to school. Meet with other working moms and get along with them.

  1.     Learn to say ‘no’

Sometimes we often get caught in stuffs that we don’t want to do. In situation like these learn to say NO to people. If you keep on taking responsibilities, people will keep stuffing more responsibilities on you. That’s the generic rule. So learn to take a back seat.

  1.     You can hire a freelancer or a virtual assistant

You can hire a freelancer to a helping virtual assistant if you think you need one. You can get one according to your budget from freelancing sites like Up work, Fiverr etc. There are college going students or also freshers who are waiting for opportunities like this for some extra bucks. You can distribute some work among them and you can also get one that fits your business budget.

  1.     Plan your finances

You can get plenty of such videos on YouTube and honestly this is the most important part of your business. If you keep on spending without saving or you spend too much without noticing, then this is not the right thing that you are doing.

  1.     Keep learning and exploring

Being a mompreneur is not easy but it can get manageable when you get to known the right way to lead on the thing. There are mompreneurs that you can get in touch with, and you can learn the things that helped them or the mistakes that they made in the beginning. You can also find books similar to this genre and you can give it a read, so that you don’t make the same mistakes.

  1. Eat and sleep timely

This is the vital part of your hectic routine and you need to maintain a strict eating and sleeping schedule. Don’t work late night or don’t stay awake. Eat timely, eat your greens, stay hydrated and also sleep at least for 8 hours a day.

These are some of the tips that might help you a bit in this journey. Stay calm and stay focused cause you know what you have done to reach this point of your life. Don’t lose it. Procrastination is your enemy and don’t fall in trap of it. Ask for help whenever you need and most importantly priorities your little one.

Final Thoughts

I hope this composition was informative and it was helpful. You can do it if you believe in yourself. I wish you best of luck for you future endeavors. If you have any query or questions then drop it in the comments down below. Subscribe to our newsletter for more useful and informative content. Till the next time take care and stay safe you all.


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