Virtual Offices

One of the newest hacks for virtual offices is the ability to display multiple participants in the same shared scene. Immersive View is a feature available in Zoom version 5.6.3 and later. Get a preview of how Immersive View works and find out how to get the Immersive View Zoom backgrounds download

Create The Perfect Environment

Rather than spending a lot of time and money on office decor and facilities maintenance, you can instantly appear in the perfect office environment during outbound calls. A blank, solid colored wall or surface is all that is necessary for peak virtual background performance.

Once you know how to mirror virtual background in Google Meet, you are ready to start using a virtual office. It may be necessary to mirror backgrounds on some systems and platforms for collaboration. Scenes for Immersive View work with Zoom installations that include this feature.

You can also use virtual office backgrounds in standard Zoom meetings and with Microsoft Teams. Start by selecting a virtual office design and uploading a logo. Make sure to coordinate the color scheme of the background you choose with the colors in a logo and any outfits you plan to wear on outbound video calls.

Promote Yourself Effectively

Uploading a business logo is perhaps the best hack for promoting yourself and your business during video calls and conferences. When your background includes a clear and legible logo, it is not difficult for meeting participants or viewers to immediately identify which organization you represent. 

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There are also more and less subtle ways to provide more details on-screen during calls and conferences, such as your name, position and contact information. Displaying a Quick Response code or QR code can be a quick and easy way to provide all of this information without distracting the participants and viewers of a video call from the substance of your message.

Display a Business Logo

In order to display a business logo within a virtual office background, you will need to upload a high-resolution image file that contains the version of the logo that you want to show. One of the best features of virtual backgrounds is that logos are displayed in natural visual contexts with the rest of the office background. Business logos in virtual office backgrounds are often easier to spot than logos in real offices. 

Even if you are currently working in the office, a virtual office is likely to bring together all of the features you need for an impactful video conference or call with less hassle than trying to stage the surrounding environment. Representatives of a business who are working from home can benefit even more from the privacy and professionalism that office backgrounds that are easy to personalize can provide.

Whether you decide to create a scene for Zoom Immersive View or set up a mirrored virtual office background to use in Google Meet or Microsoft Teams, there are more ways than ever before to customize your presentation in work-related video calls and conferences.



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