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Do you run huge tasks like gaming, video editing and much more, well, there are chances that your Razer blade laptop would be heated? Various factors affect the temperature of the laptop, it could be hardware specifications, the surface on which the laptop is kept as it will influence the thermal performance of the laptop. One can get more info about this product at https://www.razer.com/gaming-laptops

What is the overheating issue in the Razer blade laptop?

  • Many times the heating problem occurs when the heat inside the laptop increases and is in excessive amounts.
  • With excess heat, your laptop may damage all the internal components and the battery would drain faster. 
  • Many times, heat is generally produced, and fans located inside the laptop help to cool down the laptop and try to bring it to a normal temperature.

What should you do while you are facing this issue?

So in the following section will discuss some of the ways which would help you to troubleshoot, if your system gets hot with combination with:-

  • No response from the game.
  • Windows do not respond.
  • Blade gets restart and turns off automatically.
  • Excessive noise from the fan is there.
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Overheating could be really a problem.

  • With overheating, the OS system stops responding.
  • The game does not respond while you are playing.
  • Ducts enter into the laptop.
  • High ambient temperature in the room.
  • A laptop does require a large power supply.
  • Fanworks louder, and spinning becomes fast which could remove excess heat from the laptop.

Here are some troubleshooting ways which would help you to make your razor blade less hot or decrease the ambient temperature of the razor blade.

  • A user needs to ensure that the razor blade contains the latest windows version. If not, one can update by following steps.
  • Go to settings.
  • Choose Update and security.
  • Go for windows update.
  • Select the option for checking the update.

If you want to get more information, you can refer to Microsoft Support.

  • Another way is to update the drivers for graphics. Well, the Razer Blade comes with Nvidia graphics and Intel graphics. Also, you can look into the product manual for more such information on graphics.
  • A user should keep all the air vents clean in the blade and it should be clear from any sort of obstruction. Also, it should work well. In order to clean all air vents, it is recommended to turn your laptop upside-down and use compressed air since it will dislodge all the dust in the Razer Blade
  • If you are using a laptop for extensive activities, then you should try to use the laptop in the cooler areas. Also, a razer blade temperature would not be less than the location where you are running Blade. Also if you are using a hot room, it will increase the cooling time of the laptop and it will overheat soon.
  • Several razer blade models do have the option to control the fan speed. Also, if you decrease the fan speed then it would result in a high temperature of the razor blade. Various models do have several controlling options for fans.
  • Also, one can try to close the background programs which are not in use. You just need to make sure that you save all the unsaved data before programs are closed.
  • If you know how to find suspicious programs and processes which lower the system. One should make sure that once you close all the processes, which are not needed, razer blade runs smoothly also in case if you close the necessary processes, it would make the system unstable. 
    • You can access all the processes by opening a task manager. A user can open the task manager by just selecting the Task Manager after right click on the start button.
    • Once the task manager windows open, you need to choose processes and find for all suspicious processes, also find more information on the internet. If you want to close any process you need to right-click and then choose `end task”.
  • If you do all the above-mentioned steps and still not be able to resolve issues then you should do a system recovery or factory reset.
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All are official ways recommended by the razer blade to cool down your laptop’s heat. It’s easily available at https://www.razer.com/gaming-laptops.



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