Microsoft’s promise that Windows 10 would be the last version of the Windows operating system seems to have been broken. The most popular operating system in the world will be updated later this year. It will be called “Windows 11,” which isn’t very creative, and most users will only notice changes to the interface. Even though this is a good feature, the changes in the latest version of Windows go far beyond what can be seen at first glance.

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Running Android apps

Without a doubt, the most important thing about Windows 11 is that it will be able to run Android apps natively. If your favourite programmes are available through the Amazon App Store and maybe other software repositories, they will run on your PC. But not all apps will work right away with Windows 11. We won’t know more about this until the end of the year.

You might be wondering what happens to apps like wolfwinner casino that aren’t in app stores. Now that Windows 11 lets you load APK files from the side, you can play all of your favourite games at Spin Online Casino. To acquire immediate access, simply go to the website or a third-party software repository, download, and install the software on your computer.

Auto HDR mode

Auto HDR is one of the two noticeable changes in Windows 11 for games. All DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 games will look more real and have better colours thanks to the new protocol. Like the Xbox Series X, this game device uses cutting-edge technology.

Before you can use the protocol, you must connect your phone to a display that can show HDR.


DirectStorage is another feature that will make Windows 11 a much better gaming platform for online casino games for real money.

Because solid-state drives (SSDs) are so common these days, data can be read from and moved to storage devices at lightning speed. The SSD is where game data is stored, which is often sent from the CPU to the GPU. If you use DirectStorage, assets and other files will go straight to the GPU instead of the CPU.

DirectStorage isn’t available on every platform, of course. It will need a graphics processing unit (GPU) that supports DirectX 12 and Shader Model 6.0 as well as an NVMe SSD (perhaps with a preset minimum capacity; more on that later).

As you can see, the updates to Windows 11 in the future will be a lot more than just cosmetic changes. Members of the Windows Insider programme can test Windows 11 right now, but the rest of us won’t be able to get the (free) upgrade until October.


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