Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Burger

Everyone is likely to agree that burgers on the grill are some of the most popular things to cook during the summer. These favorites are actually cooked this way throughout the year in many households. Some have pursued the best burger taste by using smokers, as well. There are a lot of ways to ruin a burger when the approach is wrong.

The way you prepare the meat for burgers may have something to do with this. At the same time, the tool you choose for cooking this meat plays a role in the overall taste. Most of us, however, focus on the taste after a successful burger has been cooked. We don’t always think about what happened beforehand in the preparation phases. Top chefs that prepare these meals don’t all agree on the approach.

It’s easy to see that cooking outdoors, whether on a grill or with charcoal smokers at Smokeysteakranch will result in a tasty burger. This is true for preparing a variety of different types of meat. According to Bloomberg, some chefs say that it is not a good idea to grill burgers. The preference for this process is using a griddle-type pan and the stovetop. The purpose of this is not ruining the meat by losing its fat.

Here are some mistakes that can end up ruining burgers:

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Forgetting Grill Prep

Mentalitch states that one of the biggest mistakes that home cooks make is forgetting about the grill. This means from beginning to end, not properly preparing it for cooking the meat or burgers that you have. You may want to use a specific type of charcoal for your grill. Purchasing it and heating the grill is something to do in advance. Also, remember to oil the grates so that meat doesn’t stick or get lost.

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Some people will use oil sprays for their grills so that there is no sticking. There are a variety of these products on the market, made specifically for grilling. Adding foil to your grill’s grates is another way to preserve the meat. You may also discover cookware that is used for grilling and will help you get the taste that you want along with thick juicy burgers.

Using the Right Meat

Many smoker owners will want to use their equipment to make the perfect burger. When this is executed the right way, you’ll end up with a delicious dish. Making a few mistakes like using the wrong meat could ruin the meal altogether. Ground chuck with up to 20% fat is often chosen as the best for this cooking. This has to do with the meat being able to retain its flavor throughout the smoking.

Most grocery stores have burgers already prepared and shaped these days. This may be a quick and easy option, the best tasting burgers are those that you shape. Here you can be certain of the freshness of the meat before cooking it. it is possible to refer to your smoker instructions for additional steps for cooking various types of meat to help.

Missing the Seasoning

There are a lot of choices when it comes to the type of meat that you use for burgers. Some may prefer beef and will use the consistency that they like. There are turkey burgers, as well as, those that have a mixture of different meats. No matter what your choice happens to be, seasoning is critical to the outcome of these dishes.

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In fact, this could be a huge mistake as it relates to the taste of the burger. There are grilling and smoking seasonings that are available. These can be mixed in the meat before forming burger patties. Some people like to add other ingredients into the mixture prior to making patties. Fresh onions, sautéed onions, and peppers are some of the ingredients in this category.

Flipping to Often

Yes, there’s a lot of excitement associated with preparing and cooking a meal outdoors. People are socializing and have fun throughout this process. Not paying attention to the cooking of burgers is one mistake that affects the taste. You may also ruin them when you flip them too often. The rule that many cooks use is to let the burger cook through before turning it.

This will take into consideration the doneness you and your family prefer. Remember this when trying to achieve well-done, medium rare, and rare meat. Another problem that too much-turning results are damaging the burger. It is possible for them to fragment or break apart. The worse part of this is if you lose burger meat to the fire and charcoal.

Each approach that is used for cooking these comes with potential mistakes. Cooks should be comfortable with the tools and machinery they use for this process. Things like choosing the wrong buns or cheese are other obstacles that impact the taste of burgers. The best approach is to think ahead and gather the things that you need to successfully prepare this on grills or smokers


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