What is the Cost of Logistics App Development

Logistics app development is a necessary step toward automation of logistics processes. This can be a major game changer for your company since it is designed with the purpose of drastically improving its performance. It goes without saying that logistics app development required solid investment. Thus, to help all those excited about logistics app development for their business, we shed light on the definition of logistics app development, its creation cost, and a few real life examples of logistics software building from logistics app development company Rexsoft. 

What is Logistics App Development

Logistics application is software used for coordinating such resources of logistics business as people, inventory, equipment, warehouses, goods, etc. Thus, logistics app development is a process aimed at creating such an application by implementing custom ideas and heavy software. 

The Cost of Logistics App Development: Real Case Example

Logistics app development requires a skilled inspired team and lots of effort which is reflected in the price of its creation. While the final price of logistics app development is an outcome of multiple factors such as the preferred functionality, deadline set, application type, and location of developers. Thus, to give you a rough idea of logistics app development cost, we’re reviewing the price of logistics app creation by Rexsoft.

Rexsoft team developed a logistics CRM for facilitated transportation of second-hand vehicles for mobile and web users. To satisfy the needs of end users, the final product contained the following functionality:

  • tracking system;
  • messaging;
  • ability to form and request an order;
  • storing images;
  • contact form;
  • electronic signatures.
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Rexsoft specializes in full-cycle product building. Thus, the project took a team of at least 6 professionals namely a project manager, IT architect, UI/UX designer, front end developer, back end developer, and a quality engineer. In general, Rexsoft dedicated 1100 hours of teamwork to complete the logistics app development cycle. The final paycheck for this project was $40.000

The abovementioned application helped a company increase profits by up to 7 times and reduce the manual mistakes related to request formation by 60%

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Logistics App Development: How To Create It And How Much Does It Cost

Best Practices of Logistics App Development

Rexsoft team has extensive expertise in logistics app development. Here are some examples of applications implemented in logistics business’ workflow. 

iMover CRM

This is a CRM for moving companies and an application for their clients. IMover is designed to facilitate the moving process for clients by proving transparent connection with a moving company. Moving service providers also enjoy seamless communication as well as faster and more accurate service provision, namely calculating quotes, and time expenditures. 


BUSON is a cross-platform transportation app that proved to be perfect for order management, vehicle tracking, and route calculating. Customers can integrate BUSON into different applications for booking and purchasing bus tickets. Admins can watch statistics of ticket sales from different platforms, track the buses’ movement in real-time, get notifications about unplanned stops and check vehicle statistics. 


Brokcars is another example of a great logistics app development practice built to enhance the process of selling used cars. The application can connect a customer with a dispatcher to ease communication, as well as display the database of vehicles with pictures to ensure security of a deal. It’s also the Brokcars vehicle tracking feature embedded that gives an additional security layer. 

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Even though logistics app development is a costly process, it’s highly beneficial. To get an approximate cost estimation for your individual project, contact a development team describing your needs and plans. 



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