A red dress is a flattering piece that can be worn on many different occasions. The classic wardrobe staple looks more appropriate when the red hue is a perfect blend for your skin tone. Choosing a shade of red that compliments your skin would go a long way to make you feel confident in the dress. Red dresses make bold statements. To wear one, you have to pull it off the right way. In this guide, we’ve detailed how you can properly select the shade of red dresses suitable for you. Keep reading to learn more.

Selecting the Perfect Shade of Red Dress for You

In the same way red dresses come in different shades and hues, skin tones vary between individuals. You can either have a cool, warm, or neutral undertone. Before choosing a red dress for you, you would have to first find your skin’s undertone. 

To figure out your undertone easily, go outside or sit by a window to use natural light. You would have to find a superficial vein in your skin. It would help to look at the skin of your hand, moving from your arm down to your wrist and from the back of your palm to the back of your arm. Also, try looking at the top of your foot to see if you can find any veins. 

If your veins appear more blue or purple, then you have a cool skin undertone. If they are more green than blue, you most probably have a warm undertone. If your veins look like an interplay between blue and green, then it may be that you have a neutral skin tone. Now you know your skin tone, let’s delve into finding the right red dress. Stay with us!

Warm Skin Tones

Warmer shades of red look good on a warm skin tone. Red dresses that have orange, brown, yellow, or pink as their underlying tones are warm reds. Hues like blurred sunset and sunrise, bold blood orange, cadmium red light, cadmium red medium, cadmium scarlet, golden strawberry, muted natural cinnamon, organic vermillion, pyrrol scarlet, rich auburn copper somber, rose red, scarlet lake, spectrum scarlet, and tomato red make good compliments for this skin tone.

Cool Skin Tones

Cooler skin tones blend perfectly with brighter red shades. Cooler red dresses have blue, purple, and sometimes green as their undertones. Colors like alizarin crimson, anthraquinoid red, brick red, magenta, permanent carmine, permanent rose, quinacridone red, raspberry color, red violet, ruby red, spectrum crimson, and other jewel tones are advised. Deep burgundy has a bit of purple to it, so it’s a good choice as well.

Neutral Skin Tones

People with neutral skin tones are free to go for any shade of red. Bright red dresses look great and slightly muted versions of the primary red color give a softer appeal. If you have a neutral skin tone feel free to experiment with different red shades to find out which one suits you more; however, wearing any won’t hurt a bit.

The Perfect Style and Cut of Red Dresses

After you’ve selected the right shade of red dress for you, choosing the style or cut that compliments your body type should be your next focus. For taller frames, opt for long red dresses while petite persons should go for shorter dresses as long ones can be overpowering. V-neckline flatters all body types and works for most occasions. Always choose a cut that you would feel confident wearing. In all, skin tone plays a key factor in determining the best red dress shade for you.

Where to Buy Red Dresses

With the right shade, style, and cut in mind, it’s time to buy that red dress you’ve always wanted. Don’t assume you can get the perfect red dress for you anywhere, that’s why we’re making a recommendation. SunsetfashionLA is a women’s clothing store that we highly advise. They offer great prices and discounts on clothing purchases. Plus, their dress quality is quite unbeatable so you shouldn’t think twice about heading there from here to shop for your fave red dresses.



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