Diabetes is a kind of disease in which our body’s blood sugar levels or blood glucose levels get too high. Glucose which comes from the source of the food you eat goes inside the cell through insulin

Where insulin is a hormone that helps the glucose gets inside the cells to provide them energy. Now that we know how important insulin is to our body, it is moreover found that during diabetes of type 1, the production of insulin in our body stops

Increased levels of diabetes can furthermore damage our kidneys, eye, nerves and even any other body part. Not just that but diabetes can also cause health issues and increase the rate of heart attack or a stroke for a person. 

Due, to the absence of insulin production during type 1 diabetes, if it reaches type 2 diabetes, then most patients require insulin, but not all of them.

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Signs of diabetes:

Some earliest signs of diabetes that are also considered some common warnings and need to be addressed by a doctor include;

  • Increased feeling of thirst
  • Constant dry mouth
  • Increased feeling of hunger. ( mostly after having a meal)
  • Weakness or tiring feeling
  • Blurry visions
  • Constant headaches
  • Unknown or unexplained weight loss, even after eating proper meals
  • Urine infections or really frequent urination issues

Best foods that avoid diabetes:

It is very important for everyone to stick to natural ways of avoiding diseases instead of chemical or medical ways if things aren’t very serious. After all, nature serves us best too. Some natural food items that can be used to avoid diabetes are;

  • Non-starchy or low on starch veggies
  • Beans
  • Seeds and nuts
  • Any and every fresh fruit.
  • And most importantly, all green vegetables.
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8 Ways To Avoid Diabetes:

Some most common and easy ways to avoid having diabetes affect or exist in our body include;

  • Cutting and reducing sugar usage and refined carbs from your everyday diet are really important.
  • Regular work out helps in avoiding diabetes and many other health issues.
  • Losing weight is really important to stay fit if you’re overweight or obese in any way.
  • Smoking doesn’t go with anything. It can cause not one but many diseases which include diabetes too.
  • A very-low-carb diet is your answer to avoid diabetes and other health issues, and also to remain healthy and fit throughout.
  • Avoiding inactive or seated/blank moments can affect us in many ways too. So, one must always make sure they avoid any kind of sedentary behaviors to stay healthy, physically and mentally.
  • Avoiding large portions of food, especially if you’re overweight is also very important to avoid diabetes. Eating too much amount of food at one time causes health issues, hence limited quantity that’s serves your hunger is good to go with.

Diabetes can be a tough disease to cope up with, which is why avoiding the factors that cause it and applying them as our day-to-day routine is really important. Such a healthy routine not only helps in avoiding diabetes but many other diseases. This way we can spend a healthy life without getting affected by the increasing common diseases due to the disordered lifestyle of today.