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Companies must adopt long-term, flexible working policies. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the lockdowns have forced firms to put temporary working capabilities for their employees in remote places. It has also led to reevaluating the work arrangements as a result, and there are signs that employees yearn for the working environment in the area before the pandemic. Articles from online assignments show that a fraction of employees working from home during the epidemic expect the option to be available full time. The Harris Poll revealed that 56% of responders prefer the flexibility offered by working from home either exclusively or occasionally. In the UK, similar research by O2 found that 1/3 of the participants expect to be working remotely at least three days a week, even after the pandemic’s anticipated end.

However, flexibility is not just changing employee expectations. Flexibility has numerous benefits for a business, including improved morale, increasing productivity, and a fair balance between work and life, but only if the policies correctly implement. To get a better picture of what successful flexible working programs look like, let’s look at some companies who have got it right.

  1. Dell. 

Any technological firm is well-suited to offer its staff flexible working, and Dell has been doing so over the years. The company gives its employees the liberty to choose the hours they can work and where they can work from while using Microsoft teams and Slack as tools to keep them in touch. 60% of its employees have taken advantage of the opportunity, which has led to cutting down on office space and saving approximately $12 annually.

2. Appen.

In 2019, a study rated Appen as the number 1 firm in the world for remote working. The firm connects more than a million contractors remotely across the globe. Best Meal Replacement Shakes  They have essential tools, including a community forum and video conferencing, whereby workers can socialize and troubleshoot several issues. Similarly, team leaders have to take a particular course to manage remote workers better and ensure that they engage with their culture.

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3. Transport for London (TfL).

In London, the public transport organization is well known because of its “staff first” mantra. In a previous survey, the organization gained recognition for having the best work-life balance in the UK. It comes after the company adopting a range of policies. That enable them to adopt an agile working condition for its employees.

4. Humana.

Another company that appears regularly on the list of top companies offering flexible working is Humana. Nearly half of their employees work remotely after they overhauled their practices in 2016 to promote agility. They aim at introducing new technologies. To facilitate traditional and office-based workers. Including customer care agents. To work remotely while retaining access to tools needed to accomplish their tasks effectively. Best Online Shopping Sites In India For Clothes

5. Unilever.

Another company that has embraced agile working for its employees for some time now is Unilever. They offer technology and adaptable work programs that allow its employees to perform their duties anywhere and anytime. They have formal and informal working policies that are flexible such as reduced hours and job sharing. This approach’s success is due to the trust placed in each employee and receiving support from leaders in senior positions.


These companies working operations shed more light on the flexible working of the companies. That is adaptable over time when need be. Best Earphones under 2000


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