Studying abroad can be among the best, albeit most ambitious, decisions to make in life. While it is challenging to determine what subjects to take and which country to study in, choosing appropriate accommodation can be even tougher.

Fortunately, there are safe and urbane student hostels like Iglu, homestay options where you can adjust with a local family, and government accommodations to choose from. However, too many choices can sometimes add to the confusion instead of helping you to choose.

Therefore, here are some excellent accommodation options to consider when moving to another country or city. Which type of stay you choose depends on your specific needs and the city you are moving to, among other critical factors.

On-Campus Accommodation

University residences are designed with student safety in mind, ensuring international residents are as comfortable as possible. While this option may be a bit pricier than off-campus accommodation, it comes with a vast range of services, including food, laundry, sports, and cleaning. Also, living on the campus will get you to class a lot faster as it eliminates travel.

Furthermore, on-campus hostels are a great way to meet fellow students and participate in various events and activities throughout the year.

Independent Student Hostels

You can choose from various independent hostels that provide safe accommodation to students from the world over. Many of them are reasonably priced, offer meals, and are close to educational institutions and popular attractions. Moreover, you have the option to choose if you want a single room, a shared one, or a bed in the dormitory.

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Besides security, some student hostels offer additional facilities such as a gym, WiFi, and twenty-four-hour onsite support. They also have staff that can guide you through pivotal local sites such as historical landmarks and parks, popular restaurants, and trendy nightlife spots, among other things.


Students nervous about staying in a hostel can opt for homestays and live with a local family. The idea behind this kind of accommodation is to make introverted and apprehensive students feel comfortable, supported, and secure. Most homestays include meals, which is a significant plus for students who know little to nothing about the local cuisine.

A homestay gives students the chance to practice and improve their English skills within the comfort of a home. Depending on the family they are residing with, students may also have the opportunity to go on family trips, celebrate the holidays with their host families, and learn about the local culture.

Private Rental Apartments

Some students do not wish to stay in hostels or homestays because they are used to being completely independent. Renting private apartments is the best option for these individuals as it provides them with the utmost freedom. To find a suitable place, they can get references for local housing agencies via the university they are about to join. The rates will change depending on the area, but students have complete freedom to choose where to stay, what to eat, and which places to study.

Besides the above options, you can also consider getting safe, clean, and secure accommodation as an au pair (nanny) if you have child-care experience. Many of these places offer meals in addition to housing, making them ideal for students on a tight budget as they can save on rent.

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