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Your smile is a curve that can set everything straight. However, some people feel conscious of smiling wide because of their overcrowded or crooked teeth. Well, if you are one of them, we have great news for you. You can get your teeth back in shape and smile brightly without messy and complex metal braces and go for clear teeth aligners. Learn about Aligners Cost 

Clear aligners have transformed the concept of teeth straightening and made it easier to use. For many people, though, the decision comes down to the cost. Although, people generally worry about the aligners cost in India. However, it is not true. Teeth aligners cost in India is close to that of the price of getting metal braces. 

Factors Affecting Aligners Cost in India 

A few factors are responsible for the aligners cost in India. However, if one calculates the pros and cons of the clear aligners and metal braces, it becomes easier for them to opt for the most comfortable and budget-friendly treatment. 

  • Length of the procedure
    In this fast-pacing world, everyone requires a way to save time. Moreover, a person must undergo long procedures for years to get treated with metal braces. Aligner treatment, on the other hand, needs a period of six to eighteen months, depending on the severity. This makes the procedure cost-effective to a great extent. 
  • Advanced technology
    It is important to follow up with technological advances to attain better results. Aligners are made using the powerful technology of 3D Printing. Every aligner is customized according to the need of different patients to provide them with utmost comfort and speedy treatment. Sometimes you can visualize the end results even before the treatment has started. 
  • Brand of the aligners
    One of the major factors your expenditure depends on is the brand of aligners you go with. It is highly advisable to undertake thorough research to choose the most comfortable treatment option. toothsi provides you with a smile makeover that is convenient, painless, and cost-effective at the same time. 
  1. Invisible 
    While metal braces are uncomfortable to put on, they also make people conscious of their smiles. Clear aligners are invisible and hence cannot be seen by others. This is a much-needed reform in the field of orthodontics.  
  • Removable
    Clear aligners are also removable, so you do not have to worry about restricting your food choices. Moreover, you can also brush and floss your teeth without any hindrance, whereas it becomes difficult to brush between the metal brackets.  
  • The complexity of your teeth structure
    Since aligners are a personalized treatment wherein every individual gets a customized aligner for various stages during their treatment. That is why the cost of your regimen will entirely depend upon the severity of your condition. If your teeth require less treatment, the costs will be adjusted accordingly and vice versa. 
  • Doctor visits
    You are supposed to visit your orthodontist once every 3-4 weeks when you opt for metal braces as a treatment choice. The frequency of these visits gets reduced to 6-8 weeks when you go for clear aligners. This saves your time as well as your cost of travelling.  
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Your teeth are sensitive and one of your body‘s most important parts. That is why, while numerous brands of clear aligners are available to choose from, you should go with the one that fits your convenience and your budget. Aligners cost in India depends on a range of factors mentioned above. 

Try India’s leading clear aligner brand, toothsi, for safe and scientific methods. It is not only a painless and pocket-friendly method for your teeth transformation, but you can also start your journey sitting on a comfy couch at your home. At toothsi, you can start your treatment with a minimal EMI of INR 4583 per month. So, if you are worried about aligners cost in India, opt for pocket-friendly toothsi aligners. 


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