Why do people smoke?

While the global call for smoking bans is increasing, the number of smokers in my country increases daily. Smoking harms not only the smoker but also the people around him. Everyone knows that smoking is harmful to health. But why do you want to get rid of it? In this article, we read about Why do people smoke?

What is smoking?

Smoking is a human choice. The first cigarette at the beginning of the smoking age, whether voluntarily or forcedly, is a free decision of man. The driving force for people to make choices comes from their own needs, which are divided into three types in psychology: psychological needs, physical needs, and social needs. Human needs drive people to arouse motivation, produce behavior, and form a habit after a while. Once a pattern is created, it is more difficult to change.

According To Chief Physicians

Chief physician, Huang En of our hospital, pointed out that smoking is closely related to psychological needs. Behavioral psychologists believe that smoking is learned rather than congenital and is the result of continuous reinforcement. Developmental psychologists believe that smoking is for self-affirmation and is a sign of adulthood. Social psychologists believe that smoking is to gain group acceptance. There are many psychological reasons for smoking, such as being out of habit; to reduce anxiety and stress, as comfortable seating, winning for communication and social rewards, looking for excitement and ” refreshing ” etc.

Studies have shown that when many people have difficulties establishing social relationships, job hunting, dating, housing, etc., smoking has become a way to relieve themselves due to psychological pressure. Smoking can make people get psychological pleasure, but it makes people feel physical dependence.

According to the psychologist Huang En, generally speaking, the development of smoking behavior can be divided into four stages: the preparatory stage, the initial stage, becoming a smoker, and the maintenance stage of smoking. The primary location refers to the attitude and intention of tobacco, surrounding smokers and social influences, and the willingness to smoke before trying to smoke. The initial stage of smoking often occurs under the encouragement of others. If family members also smoke, it is easier to start smoking, and at the same time, it is more convenient to get in touch with cigarettes. The stage of becoming a smoker means that the smoker learns when and how to smoke and allows the role of “smoker” to penetrate his own ” self-concept.” In the maintenance phase of smoking, psychological and biological factors are combined with maintaining the behavior of “smoking.”

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How to get rid of tobacco

After becoming smokers and realizing the dangers, many people began to “quit smoking.” It has two-thirds of those in the cessation of smoking again two days; quit 1 -year relapse rate was 97.5%; the clinical treatment of smokers relapse rate is approximately 73%. According to survey data, people who are determined to quit smoking need an average of 7 to 10 hours of hard work to quit smoking successfully.

Why is it so difficult to quit smoking?

 Because cigarettes contain nicotine and other ingredients, they are addictive. He is dependent on tobacco for his psychological, physical and social needs. However, it does not deny that smokers who are addicted to cigarettes can also quit. Quitting smoking needs to start from personal psychological, physical, and social needs. With the care and help of family members and friends, master relevant knowledge, have patience, perseverance, and persistence, and finally, altogether quit smoking.

Director Huang En introduced that cognitive therapy, behavior therapy, and speech therapy can mainly used at present. Cognitive therapy is to correct the misconceptions of those who think that “smoking is graceful” and let them realize the dangers of smoking, such as increasing the possibility of lung cancer. Why do people smoke? Aversion therapy is an attempt to combine disgusting stimuli with smoking behaviors or thoughts about smoking. 

How To Get Rid Of Smoking?

Thinking of smoking is an uncomfortable experience. Frequent use of disgusting stimuli can cause a variety of disgusting or unpleasant stimuli. Strong imagination of the plot. Through such imaginative treatment, you will have aversion and fear of smoking to achieve the purpose of reducing smoking until you quit smoking. However, it should note that when performing internal addiction sensitization, the more realistic the image imagined, the better the effect of the treatment. “Self-control strategies” try to make smokers more aware of the conditions and stimuli of smoking and then provide them with self-control skills to change their smoking behavior. For example, you are avoiding smoking in multiple situations to control these stimulating factors.

Director Huang En pointed out that smoking cessation success depends on the quitters themselves and their family members. For those who quit smoking and their family members, it is necessary to understand the initial symptoms of smoking cessation and provide psychological comfort and essential treatment. In the early stages of smoking cessation, people who addict to smoking generally experience withdrawal symptoms such as inattention, increased saliva secretion, headache, insomnia, and irritability.

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Wash your face and shower when dizzy, gargle when your mouth is uncomfortable, take a deep breath when you are anxious and chest tight, listen to music when you feel bored, drink milk, and relax your body when insomnia, and avoid talking with people who smoke when attending banquets. , Strengthen morning physical exercise and so on. Why do people smoke? Family members give timely comfort to help quitters eliminate negative emotions and relieve the weakness and incompetence of smoking addiction and the lousy mentality of always wanting to “smoke again.” At the same time, carry out necessary medication under the guidance of a doctor to relieve symptoms.


 help ex-smokers repeatedly strengthen their motivation to quit smoking and enhance their psychological self-control. Perseverance to quit smoking comes from the repeated strengthening of the reason to quit smoking. Therefore, every time a quitter has an addiction, family members should promptly remind them to regain a deeper understanding of the purpose and significance of quitting so that the motivation to quit smoking will strengthen again. At the same time, I continue to experience the meaning and fun of quitting smoking, and I am constantly boosting my spirits to carry out smoking cessation to the end.


Help quitters to improve the social environment for relapse and alleviate various psychological pressures. Many ex-smokers often encounter these situations: friends who smoke around enthusiastically encourage “smokers”; when dealing with people, to facilitate communication, take the initiative to “pass one Why do people smoke? .”These are significant challenges for ex-smokers. To this end, family members and quitters can discuss and agree with the therapist in advance. A good strategy deal with this high-risk environment of relapse. Those who quit smoking should soberly aware that relapsed smoking can control as long as they sincerely. Accept social and psychological interventions to prevent relapse. They can overcome various obstacles in quitting smoking.


Director Huang En pointed out that it is worth noting that the goal of psychological. Counseling and treatment are to change the motivation of smokers, not just smoking behavior. And cultivate effective coping methods to solve various psychological problems, such as physical exercise. Specific counseling and treatment plans can formulate. According to the particular psychological causes of the person’s smoking problem. Such as focusing on the support of social groups, the development of personal knowledge. And making personal decisions about when to quit smoking, and so on.

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