Watch The Super Bowl

One of the biggest sports events in the world, the Super Bowl is right around the corner, and football fans are pumped up for some exceptional football magic. The Super Bowl is also one of the most-watched sporting events with an average TV audience of 114.4 million viewers.  With that said, watch the Super Bowl is still not available in every part of the world. You can bet on it with the TwinSpires app and you can watch it on streaming services.

Football fans living outside of the United States have to go through the struggle of finding alternatives, especially if it is not broadcasted on national television.

To avoid the struggle on the game day that can lead to missing the Super Bowl, it is wise to get prepared with time and find options that are available in your region.

When it comes to watching the Super Bowl there are a few methods.

Super Bowl on TV

People living in the United States share the privilege of watching the Super Bowl on TV only if they have cable. NBC is the official broadcaster that will air the Super Bowl, but hope is not lost if you don’t have access to this cable network. There are still plenty of ways you can watch the Super Bowl online. 

The game is also streamed directly on NBCSports and the NBC Sports App, and all you need is a smartphone and internet access.

Use VPN to Watch the Super Bowl

If you live in an area where there isn’t an official broadcast of the Super Bowl, you can always use a VPN. There are plenty of great VPN services that are easy to set up and can offer access to official broadcasters from the United States.

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When choosing a VPN make sure you focus on two attributes: speed and limit. Once you get a VPN you can change your IP address to a country that broadcasts the Super Bowl on TV and get the app or live stream to watch the game.

Streaming Services

If VPN sounds too complicated for your taste, there are still a couple of options you can try. However, it all depends on your location just because the number of networks that have broadcasting rights for the Super Bowl is limited and they might not be available in your region.

Here are some great streaming services, just make sure they are available in your country.


One of the best on-demand services that have recently added live TV broadcasting and access to networks that have official broadcasting rights for the Super Bowl. This year’s Super Bowl will be broadcast on NBC, which is supported by Hulu+.

Fubo TV

Fubo TV is one of the best live streaming platforms for sports from all around the world, and the Super Bowl takes a special place in their calendar. The app offers access to multiple sport-infused networks, such as CBS, NBC, Fox, and the NFL Network. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with ESPN access.

YouTube TV

Here is another paid subscription live streaming service that is available in limited regions. If you can access YouTube TV and subscribe to its services, you’ll get access to NBC, CBS, Fox, and ESPN. On top of that, you’ll get an online digital DVR Recorder and you can pause, or replay your favorite moments of the Super Bowl.

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Watch Options for Outside of the United States

If you are not living in the United States, you don’t have to worry about missing the Super Bowl. There are plenty of official broadcasting networks that air the game in different regions.

If you are from the United Kingdom, for example, broadcast options may include BBS Sport, Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports NFL, and Sky Go App.

Canada comes with DAZN being the best streaming platform with access to CTV, CTV Two, and TSN. 

This is why you need to check with your best local sports network and find out if they have the right to broadcast this year’s Super Bowl. If not, using a VPN is always an option.


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