Crypto assets have become one of the most promising options for investment and trading. Amid huge price volatility and frequent rate changes, this market attracts more and more new users aimed to make a profit on its benefits.

Here are the benefits of buying crypto:

  • The opportunity to become an early investor in up-and-coming projects when they claim token sales. You can be one of the first to buy cryptocurrency at a low price, with many chances to make a fortune when the project boosts.
  • Using crypto for payments on the Internet and fast transactions with no middlemen in the real world (goods and services).
  • Long-term investments.
  • Trading and speculation.

So there are many reasons to buy cryptocurrencies. Now let’s see where it is possible to do it.

The Best Cryptocurrency Exchange

Experienced traders and investors usually buy cryptocurrency on centralised (CEX) and decentralised (DEX) crypto exchanges. Centralised platforms are legitime services that ensure security for users’ funds and provide fast transactions. Users’ investments are stored on an exchange’s servers and protected against hacker attacks. So the responsibility for users’ funds is divided between users and a platform. 

Centralised exchanges such as Binance, WhiteBIT, Coinbase, OKEx, etc. offer a wide range of trading tools such as spot, futures trading, margin, p2p, and other trading instruments efficiently used by traders.

Decentralised platforms are suitable for experienced traders for they have a rather complicated interface. DEX offer a limited number of trading tools compared with CEX. Also, decentralised services do not hold users’ funds on their servers – funds are moving between users’ wallets. In this case, a crypto platform is not responsible for funds’ safety, so it is sorely on users’ responsibility. Popular DEX: UniSwap, PancakeSwap.

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We recommend buying crypto on the best cryptocurrency exchange WhiteBIT, for it is a legitime platform with a variety of trading tools, over 400 crypto pairs available, a convenient and easy-to-handle interface, and a high level of user security.



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