Straw hats are known for their style and appearance, but caring for and cleaning them is a tricky affair. When the hat gets wet, it might lose its shape. Hence experts lay down guidelines for proper maintenance. You look at e-commerce websites and see different cleaning and maintaining tips and guidelines. You may get bogged down with so many pointers. So, here comes your comprehensive guide to cleaning the headwear and maintaining them. One of the first areas you have to look into is to handle it with clean hands. Avoid holding the headwear with greasy and oily hands because it will only stain your headwear. 

When you employ the correct cleaning method, it will amaze you with the results. Since straw hats are known for their longevity and durability, you have to be cautious. These hats are resistant to regular wear and tear, providing you with the best investment value. The responsibility lies in taking proper care and undertaking the best cleaning techniques to ensure that the hat lasts long. 

Straw safe cleaners for gentle cleaning

Straw hats naturally absorb moisture and are, thereby, prone to tearing or breaking. Hence, you have to use straw-safe cleaners for moderate handling. Evaluate the inconspicuous part of the headwear to ensure it does not damage the material. Use a clean and soft cloth and apply gentle pressure when cleaning the straw hats for big heads. You may apply moderate pressure on noticeable stains but try to work smoothly. Use circular motions and always proceed from the crown to the brim. Work outward and use gentle pressure as far as possible. When you finish cleaning, wipe the hat with a clean and dry cloth. 

Which cleaning cloth is the best? 

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You can use soft and clean cloth available at home for cleaning purposes. When handling the hatband, you have to use gentle pressure. You may use laundry detergent to remove stains on the hat. Always use a small amount of warm water and a damp cloth. Gently scrub the area in a circular motion, and that is all. Following this, keep a second cloth ready to wipe the area and dry it clean. 

How do you remove hat stains? 

Before introducing liquid on the hat, try dry cleaning the hat. For this, you have to follow the following steps: 

  • Use a small amount of cornstarch or talcum powder and pour it on the stain. Wait for at least an hour so that the material soaks the liquid. Wipe away excess powder and keep it in that state. After some time, apply gentle pressure on the stained area. 
  • Wipe away sweat stains, body oils, lotion, makeup, or food with a damp and clean cloth. Ideally, it would benefit if you did this whenever you observed a stain appearing on the surface. If you leave it in that state, it will permanently damage the material. Use soft-bristled brushes and make a mixture of warm water and hydrogen peroxide. 
  • For removing sweatband stains, you require something substantial other than the soapy solution. Use the solution on the stained area in small proportions and do it at least two to three times for best results. 
  • Clean the hat with a dry and soft cloth to remove marks. Let it air dry under the fan or directly under the sun. 

These are a few handy suggestions to deal with stains on the hat. You can use this along with other tools you would find online. 

How will you dry it? 


The only way of preserving the integrity of straw hats is by limiting their exposure to moisture. However, if you have moistened it accidentally, you must make an effort to bring it back to shape. You have to use the correct way to maintain shape and structure. Use a cotton shirt or clean cloth for gently stuffing the hat and holding it in shape. Use a hairdryer and keep it on high settings to speed up the process. When drying the cap, do it section after section. Start with a crown and then move to the brim. It’s always better to air dry it under the fan or in the sun. However, a hairdryer will be a good option in the rainy months. 

Reshape the hat

Your hat may accidentally make its way to the corner of the closet. In such a case, you have to reshape the hat with the correct technique. Place clean cotton shirts or tissue paper inside the crown to hold the shape. It would help if you kept it in that condition for a few hours before starting the second step. You may steam the hat if you have the necessary tools at home. You might use a clothing steamer for dealing with slightly dampened caps. Then gently apply pressure for reshaping the headwear with your hands. 

Flattening the straw hat, which has got curled, needs gentle pressure. You have to hold the hat firmly and work on the flat surface. Lay it on a table so that it dries well. Use a cotton shirt or clean cloth inside the crown to flatten the structure. You may apply moderate to high pressure on the brim so that it flattens. What you get is your all-time favorite headwear.


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