Video games. It’s getting bigger than ever. E-sports is already a multi-million dollar industry in 2017. And on YouTube, gamers are some of the most recognizable creators. To become a good gamer, one thing you’ll need is a good tool. Most people play video games on a computer. Usually, that means either using a mouse and the tiny arrow keys or buying a controller that serves no purpose outside of gaming. Lexip merges two joysticks into one mouse for the ultimate, seamless gaming experience.

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Credit: Lexip

How Lexip Works

Lexip is the first ever 3D mouse made just for gamers. In it, you can find two two-axis joysticks. Firstly, there’s the joystick shell. It is intended to be controlled by your palm and sends over 300k joystick positions to the CPU. Besides, it gives full precision +/- 20 degrees. Secondly, you can find a thumb joystick on the side. Like the shell joystick, it is a full precision one and goes +/- 30 degrees in all directions. Additionally, the position of the second controller allows ample customization and premium ergonomics. Without having to use a keyboard, your gaming experience can be streamlined. It is also great for designers and engineers, who will appreciate the intuitive controls, and how easy it is to change tabs.

lexip, mouse

Credit: Lexip

A Mouse for All Games and All Gamers

The best thing about Lexip is its precision, and that it eliminates the need for a keyboard. For space simulators like Star Citizen, it can serve as a mouse and a fight stick at once. In racing games, the 300k position value offers highly precise control, providing accurate steering and throttle input. For first-person shooters and MMOs, this hybrid controller lets you switch loadouts, chain commands, and manipulate maps with ease. The mouse is compatible with a massive range of video games, from fast-paced ones like League of Legends to relaxing ones like Sims 4.


Credit: Lexip

Pricing and Availability

Lexip is now live on Kickstarter, with 41 days to go in their campaign. The gaming mouse is available from €99. Don’t worry if you’re a leftie; they’ve got a left-handed version available too!

Video Credit: Lexip Mouse


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