Biggest Art Secret Nature Can Teach

To some, the Universe itself is like a huge, gigantic painting, a work of God’s artistic mastery. It is an established fact that absolutely everything in the universe follows numbers, or mathematical codes of a specific sequence, called the Fibonacci sequence, also known as the ‘Fingerprint of God’.

This number sequence can be found in the geometry of subatomic particles like quarks to humongous galactic bodies like quasars, from the petal pattern of flowers to the physical structure of a honey bee. Everything you can think of, even the physical geometry of yourself too, follows this sequence. Nothing in the universe can defy this, and thus, numbers can be considered as the language of the universe.

Image result for Fibonacci sequence in honey bee body

The above images show the Fibonacci pattern as it appears in different objects in nature.

Biggest Art Secret Nature Can Teach

This secret was also known by the artists of great significance. For example, Leonardo Da Vinci and the other artists of the Renaissance age hacked this number system secret to create world-class paintings that now have historic importance. They used the same geometric laws that the universe has embedded in all things. You can see this in the study drawings of some artists.

Image result for fibonacci sequence and paint by numbers
Image result for fibonacci sequence and paint by numbers
Image result for fibonacci sequence in starry night by van gogh

The above pictures show the Fibonacci sequence as seen in the painting. “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo Da Vinci, “Girk with A Pearl Earring” by Johannes Vermeer. And “The Starry Night” by Van Gogh, respectively.

One might think to use a similar method to achieve an equal level of artistic mastery. But that process itself demands a huge amount of time and dedication towards a lot of persistent practice. 

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Paint by Numbers

What if this method of using numbers to paint can be “simplified” further so everyone and anyone can follow? One such technique is called “PAINT by NUMBERS”. It is such an easy method that anyone can follow. From a five-year-old to a ninety-five, and will also appeal to the fun side of people of all ages. This is an ultimate DIY or “Hack” method of paintings with utmost precision which gives mind-blowing results.

It basically divides the whole painting canvas into a giant mesh of numbered sections like a puzzle. These numbered sections are color-coded that corresponds to a color on your art palette. For example, 1 equals black, 2 equals white, and so on. And you just need to fill those sections with the corresponding paint of that number.

Variety Of Kits

There are a variety of kits available to help you with this DIY project on “All Paint by Numbers”. You can find one of the best such DIY kits on our website. We have a variety of canvases you can choose from. There is the complete canvas collection you can view. It includes DIY canvas for some of the most famous paintings in the world. Like “The Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh.

The idea might sound quite appealing to the ones who desire to create wonderful paintings but lack the level of mastery they need to do it. For those people, these PAINT By Numbers kits might come in handy and would be an ideal option to consider. The results of these paintings are something you can showcase in your living room, and add an artistic appeal to it.

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