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Razer gives powerful machines every time you see it. This time let us go through something that fits your wishes and desires. Yes, I am talking about Razer blade stealth, a mighty beast you can say in one sense. This, one of my favorite Ultrabooks, just got a refresh, and here is now what I am talking about in this article. In this article, I am going to talk about Razer Blade Stealth and some other Razer products only for your ease and benefit. So let us talk about Razer Blade Stealth first, and then we will have a detailed talk about others too.

With a gtx 1650 ti GPU in it along with other nice bumps in the specifications, which we will talk about later in this article, looks significant and impressive while getting the ramp. We will have a complete talk of its design and specifications in this article. With that said, there is a lot to go through, so let us get started with the hardware.

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Razer Blade Stealth:

The new stealth comes in two models, which are identical except for the screen options. Firstly, we have a 13.3-inch full high definition (FHD) non-touchscreen display with an anti-glare coating that is the world’s first 13.3-inch display on an Ultrabook to feature a 120 Hz refresh rate. It means that this screen can refresh the image on it up to 120 times a second vs. the more traditional 60Hz standard display.

For most of your day-to-day tasks, you will be hard-pressed to notice much of a difference, though, except maybe in a browser while scrolling. But the significant benefit of this is seen while playing video games. It gives much smoother graphics and being able to react a lot faster to things on the screen.

Now, also, how this high refresh display, we also have a 4k touchscreen model for an extra 200 dollars. Both screen, though, covers a 100 of the RGB color gamut, has 4.9 mm bezels on the side. The bottom one is much larger, you will notice. We have a 16/9 aspect ratio, and the Razer individually calibrates the displays in the factory.

The only difference between the two is that the 4k model is a one-tenth pound of more massive, which is identical to the older model differences between the touchscreen model and the non-touchscreen model. So it is safe to say that. That is the difference in weight between the two display technologies. Best I9 laptop 

The chassis is made of a CNC milled unibody design that Razer is known for at this point, along with the new clean square lines that they have added relatively recently to the entire blade line up. In my opinion, all of this gives it a premium look and feel than some of the other laptops out there. Above the screen, there is a 720 webcam that can be used for Windows Hello, to unlock the computer using your face. For those who are curious about the front camera, you can check it out on any shop or outlet of the Razer brand., or you can get the images taken by this webcam from a google search.

Beneath the screen, we have our RGB Chroma enabled keyboard. That, unlike the other larger razer models, is not a per-key Chroma, but instead, the entire keyboard is a single unit that you can change the colors of, using the built-in razer synapse app. Something interesting about this keyboard, though, is that they change the size of the shift key on the right side to match the same size on the left as most keyboards do. Something is interesting you will love about its keyboard; they have a proper balance of clicky travel to them and enjoy typing on this keyboard.


Frankly, it is always nice to see a company taking user complaints into account here and fixing that based on the feedback. Under that, we have our thankfully precision trackpad that, if you are not familiar, allows windows to handle the driver for the trackpad compared to the OEMs that used to each have their own. So it is honestly more precise and can use Windows gestures too. The trackpad is smooth, and you can slide your fingers through it as on water, yeah, literally, you feel it.

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On the side of the spacey and comfortable keyboard of this laptop this laptop has four side speakers. There is just a hint of distortion, even if you are playing it on full volume. When it comes to connectivity, it has a USB port type-c 3.1 gen two-port, a USB type-a 3.1 gen two-port, and a 3.5 mm of audio jack on the left. On the right, we have another USB type-a 3.1 gen two-port and another type-c USB gen two-port that is also thunderbolt three capable, so you can connect this to an egpu to be able to use an even more powerful graphics card. For connectivity, we have Bluetooth 5.1 WI-FI 6, which is 802.11 ax in other words.

When it comes to power, for battery, we have a 53.1-watt-hour battery in here that Razer claims will get 8 hours of battery life. Just like the old stealth model, it comes with a 100-watt USB-C charger, but it is appreciated because it is a little tiny and makes for even less weight to carry around with the laptop. Now honestly, let me tell you about the battery a bit more. That is, it will give you a little worse result when it comes to CPU because of a powerful CPU than the previous versions and models.

Nvidia says that it will have an up to 10 percent performance boost over 1650, which is not much, but regardless, this is still the most powerful GPU in a laptop of this size. Paired with this, there is a 16GB of fixed ddr4 X RAM compared to the ddr4 in last year’s model, and we have a quad-core 10th generation i7 1065 g7 processor that has been upgraded to run at 25 watts, instead of the 15 watts of last year model. When it comes to storage, you get the typical one option of 512GB in the form of a PCI-E m.2 SSD, but regardless, you can easily upgrade that yourself, which is very impressive.

Thanks to Razer’s no-blot policy, it runs Windows 10, and it does not have any pre-installed applications from Razer like other manufacturers might do. We do. However, some Microsoft added bloatware that you could right-click on and install easily. The only one app from Razer and that is not considered bloatware, is a synapse. It allows you to customize the Chroma as it is mention before but also creates macros, which adjust fan speed and performance settings, etc. the razer blade stealth gtx 1650 it costs 1800 dollars for the food 120Hz model and 2000 dollars for the 4k touchscreen model.

Now it feels very much to me like an incremental bump for the stealth line up in a lot of ways. But the keyboard change will be significant. For some people as well as that CPU and the refresh rate. For me. It is still the most powerful laptop for video editing. Or high graphics gaming in the smallest package possible. Now while it is not quite powerful enough to edit. Some of the videos when one uses like 6K Raw footage, for example.

It can handle 4K footage pretty well. As long as one does not use too many crazy effects. Someone. Who normally at least travels as much as a businessman does. I will love the idea of having a laptop like this. Small and light, that can still edit one’s videos and gives him a better performance in as short as possible package one can have.

A global gaming hardware manufacturer, Razer inc, is a high-quality gaming hardware manufacturer and is loved by most of the gamers all around the world. It was found in 1998 in San Diego, California, United States. The main focus of the company is making devices for gaming purposes and gives a complete package to gamers with a smart and cool design.

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List of products that Razer provides:

Razer is a gaming hardware manufacturer, and produce a lot of pretty smart products for its users. It is keeping in mind the needs of gamers. And other users who use heavy editing software and tool. Razer brings you a better collection of hardware. Including keyboards. Monitors, laptops. Webcams. Phones, capture cards, graphics cards, and many more. Let us have a glance at its laptop series. Razer has three primary laptops in the market. Firstly, there is a very impressive and ultimate level laptop.

That is Razer Blade Stealth. The stealth laptop series consists of many advanced level laptops. These laptops have graphics cards for sharp and crisp images. With high-resolution power screen displays. Other than that. These laptops are highly equippe with an advance version of RAM, intel processors, and many more.

To get more understanding of Razer laptops, let us discuss a razer laptop model,

Razer Blade 15,

2020. Firstly, there are two distinct versions of the Razer Blade 15, we have the base model, which is a less expensive, lower specification model, but still very much a gaming PC, and then we have the more powerful higher-spec, more expensive advanced model. Both are with multiple sets of SKUs and configurations. We will talk about the refined model in this article. Because it is consider that this is the one you should be looking for. For if you are a significant gamer. Design-wise it is almost the same as the Razer had. Changed its model/design not too long ago. And here we have the same CNC aluminum body.

That is the reason most people are fascinate by Razer Blade laptops. Because they feel premium than most of the windows laptops. However. That is not the case anymore, and the Razer is getting more and more competition day-by-day. With almost similar design. Weight also changes and it is nearly 4.7 pounds. The back is a feature with a three-head snake logo.

That can be lit and control from the razer application, synapse. It has a variation in screen display as well. One is a 300Hz HD non-touchscreen display, and the other is a 4k OLED touchscreen. The screen can refresh the image on it up to 300 times a second now. I would rather have the OLED brightness and contrast and the extra resolution. 2 in 1 Laptops

The benefit of 300Hz can be a big deal to gamers. In games that support these speeds, it can be much smoother animations and faster reaction time. Something that can be a competitive advantage says a first-person shooter game. If you are not playing games, though, you will see some of the effects, but just not much. However, you can though, thankfully, turn off the high refresh rate.

Suppose you do not use it. To help up it with battery life in that same synapse app. Above the extraordinary screen. We have a high-pixel webcam, or you can say hardware for Windows Hello. That allows you to log into your computer with your facial recognition. Because that webcam is capable of 720 p video, this laptop has a nice and spacey keyboard.

That is the reason you do not stop while typing on it, and travel speed is much better than. Other laptops of other brands in the same category. This keyboard is also RGB perky Chroma enable, which means that you can use any color on the keys. Individually if you want or you can send up to have different pre-configured. Effects on either side of that good-looking keyboard, we have four speakers.

That sounds pretty clear and good and does not make noise even on high volume. When it comes to its trackpad, it is a Microsoft precision trackpad. So it is more responsive and uses Windows gestures as well.

Technical specifications of Razer blade 15:

With Windows 10 operating System, Razer Blade consists of the following specifications.  Laptops With CD Drive

Now with the above-mention specifications, one can easily imagine what kind of laptops Razer manufactures. Razor, to its full extent, does not compromise on any single thing. However, sometimes they do suppress some fewer requirements and give priority to essential features. Depend on the purpose laptop is made for.


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