Mature couple kissing over the breakfast table.

21st century life can be very stressful and keeping a relationship going can be a real challenge, especially as you are both focused on chasing the dollar. You work all the hours that god sends and so does she’ how else could you afford your lavish lifestyle? Something has got to give and the odds are that your sex life will recede into non-existence.

Here are a few ways that you can inject some spice into a relationship.

  1. Spice up the Zoom calls – Zoom is probably how you both stay connected during the working day; make sure she’s alone and ask her what colour panties she’s wearing. She’ll get over the shock and probably pick up the ball and who knows where that will lead! She has always expressed a desire to try new things and describing a bondage scenario is sure to hit her hot button. If she hasn’t got the time, don’t push it; save it for when she can focus and when she’s on her own.
  2. Send her a few selfies – Only you know what turns her on and getting creative with your smartphone camera is a great way to let her know what you’re thinking about. Why not send her a few links to sex toys you’d like to try out and you can flood her inbox with naughty messages; just be sure to use the platform she keeps for personal stuff. Come up with a code word to use in the title of naughty content, then there won’t be any embarrassing incidents with the boss.
  3. Lunchtime encounters – If it is doable and you both have cars, why not spend 30 minutes getting naked in a car park somewhere? A bit of role playing might be in order, but if you simply can’t get the time together, go somewhere quiet and Zoom it up! You don’t really need that midday power nap and with a little arranging, you can take your girl on a magical mystery tour!
  4. Make a masturbation video – Strictly for her eyes only, you could create a short clip, but make sure you have an innocent 30-second intro, otherwise she might have issues. Worried that she’ll post the clip if you break up? Make sure you are both in possession of each other’s direction, that should be enough to ensure the content remains private, as it was intended. Is it risky? Hell yeah! But that is a great way to turbo-charge your sex life!
  5. Natural sex – OK This will take a little planning, we don’t want to be breaking any laws, do we? Find a secluded place where you can defrock and get natural together and if that leads to something else entirely, go with it. Just keep your eyes open for the odd rambler and enjoy the risk.
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Only you know what hits her hot buttons and buy her sex toys to keep that passion burning bright!


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