Weight Loss

Losing weight is something we all despise. However, it must be done. It doesn’t have to be boring, hectic or just a mere pain in the neck. We’ll be running through the best ways you can have fun while losing weight, so keep reading. 

Cheat Days

If you don’t cheat on your diet, you’re going to go crazy. You’ll give up, binging on all the food you missed out on. Obviously, this isn’t what you want. 

Cheat days make losing weight less strict, and more fun as you know you’re not trapped. So, you can still have your favorite meals once in a while. 

Go, Keto 

Have you heard of keto diets? If you haven’t, you’re missing out as it’s a fun way to lose weight. What’s more, it lets you eat the junkiest of junk food without a second thought. 

Basically, Keto is when you eliminate carbohydrates from your diet. Instead, it’ll primarily be fats. This makes your body go into ketosis, burning calories like crazy. What’s so amazing about this is that you don’t even have to work out to see its effects. 

At the end of the day, you’ll be snacking on things like the cheesiest, mashed potatoes while doing nothing. Isn’t this a dream come true?

Play Video Games

Okay, you can seriously burn a lot of calories if you play video games. This seems counterproductive but it’s not.

First, you can’t just play anything. Otherwise, you’ll be seated all day, right? That’s why you should think about getting your hands on games like Just Dance. You’ll be moving continuously, basically doing cardio while you face against the music. 

There is a range of games specifically made for exercise. A good example of this is the WII Sports, but as we all know, the WII is dead. 

You Need Music

You’re a fool if you work out without music. Face it, no one likes to exercise. It’s tedious and takes very long. You’ll especially agree with this statement if you exercise without any music.  No, we’re not talking about a radio silent gym, but an absence of a playlist. 

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This is where apps like Spotify come into play as you can custom build a tracklist that’ll pump you up. In the end, you’ll be so focused on listening to your favorite songs, the amount of sweat dripping off you won’t concern you. 

A Friend 

Working out alone can be boring, although not as bad as exercising without music. You need someone by your side when you’re hitting the gym as this will keep you motivated. Seeing how well your pal is doing, you’ll want to do well too. 

Not just this, but their company will be fun too. You won’t dread the gym anymore as it’s a place for you and your buddy to have some quality time together. 

Go On Vacation

Life’s getting too hectic for you, so unwind and go on vacation. This will not only help with stress but depending on where you go, you can come back with a major weight loss. 

For example, booking a trip to Costa Rica would be ideal if you’re confined to the city. You’ll be surfing, running on the beach, hiking and doing all sorts of activities. What’s more important is the foods served are all healthy, especially when compared to the west. 

Walk Wherever You Want To Go?  

Losing weight is all about burning extra calories. If you’re not aware, you need to burn more than your daily intake. This doesn’t have to be done through ‘exercise’. Instead, little things throughout the day can get the job done. For example, walking. 

Walking is good exercise and it really gets your blood going. Thankfully for you, many instances where you can walk quite a bit are present. For example, you can walk to work/school and back instead of getting in your car. 

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At the end of the day, this is a fun way to exercise as your mind won’t even be focused on the fact that you’re working out. Instead, you’ll be fixed on getting to where you want to be. If you really want to get the most out of your walks, try and walk at different speeds. Rotating between a fast, medium and slow pace will get your heart going the most. 

Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend 

We all know how loving dogs are. They can help you when you’re at your lowest, and they make weight loss easy and fun. You know how energetic they can get, so playing fetch or just running with them in your back yard is a fun way to stay fit. 

Not just this, taking them on walks is also perfect. Dogs need a lot of daily exercises. They require that you take them at least a couple of miles on walks, daily. As you’re forced to do this, you’re naturally getting in some pretty good cardio. And what’s best about this is that you’re having fun with your dog enjoying the outdoors. 

Fitness Trackers 

While on the topic of staying motivated, getting something like a fitness tracker can help you. It’ll make weight loss into a hobby as you’ll always be jotting down how many steps (and calories) you’ve burned in a day. 

You don’t have to break the bank as you can find the best cheap fitness trackers out there. They offer a range of features like tracking your heartbeat, blood flow, and water intake, ultimately making your weight loss journey way easier.

Diversify Your Diet

When it comes to losing weight, exercise is only a portion of it. Although it’s a huge chunk, the leg work is primarily done by your diet. 

This can be scary to most of us as we think we’ll have to cut down on your favorite foods. Yes, you shouldn’t eat unhealthy foods, but you’ll only notice how bad this is if you don’t diversify your diet. 

By doing so, you can try a range of amazing foods like tofu, Buddha and smoothie bowls, plant-based butter and milk as well as new veggies and berries. This will make the dietary restrictions less of a pain!


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