Marijuana Differences

Have you ever thought about the sex differences of weed? Or did you ever try to know?
Well, this article will help you to give all the information about Sexing marijuana.

Genders of Marijuana

There are many ways through which plant reproduction can be done. A crop named Hermaphrodite produces a flower with a male and female reproductive organ. Also, two different flowers develop on the same monoecious crops. In the same way, marijuana also produces male and female reproductive organs, and it belongs to the dioicous plant family.

The Importance of Marijuana Gender

In marijuana plants, only female marijuana produces buds; therefore, there is a high requirement of weed plants more than a male plant to produce a vast number of buds. So, it essential to find out the way of sexing marijuana to grow more females than males. The daily statistics of weed are 50% male and 50% female, which means that 50% of the weeds are waste and the other 50%, which are female plants has a huge consideration.

One of the ways to grow female weed is to plant the feminized seed. It is found that planting female seeds always grow female marijuana. These seeds are easily available on the seed banks.

Sex marijuana plants

There are a few things that you need to understand before understanding the procedure of sexing marijuana.

If you have planted mixed seeds, for example, Lil Sebastian strain with another one, then you can only be able to figure out its sex difference when it reaches the flowering stage, which starts after the completion of vegetation growth. It differs with many strains, but you will usually see tell-tale pre-flowers once your weed becomes six weeks old.

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The shape of the female pre-flower is the same as flickering flame, while the male pre-flower has a shape like that of the spade in the card game.

Male pre-flowers have a shape similar to that of the Spade on the playing card, whereas female pre-flowers are longer and shaped like a flickering flame. If you are confused about your diagnosis, then you can easily understand by turning the light from 12 am-12 pm. During this period, the flowering will start as females will release some little white hairs or pistils, while the male plants will produce pollen sacs.

Female plants reveal leisurely than male plants. However, you can still easily find out the female by recognizing it from its white hairs or pistils. Just before the development of tell-tale pollen balls, male plants start producing the green shoot in the same area.

Well, up till now, we have just shadowed upon the basics of man and female plant indicators. Now, we are going to intensely discuss the growth indicators of both genders of Marijuana.

Female Marijuana Plant

It is crucial to see if female marijuana has begun to grow white hairs or pistils before its sexing. These white hairs usually come where stem links to the single branches or nodes. As shown in the picture, if you see that your plant is growing hair in the same way, then it means you have female marijuana.

Male Marijuana Plant

Male marijuana contains a grape shape ball filled with pollen, and the balls come after a maximum of two weeks of flowering. However, if these male plants grow consistently, then it will reach the stage when the pollen-filled ball will burst out and fill everywhere.

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Sometimes sexing marijuana plants becomes complicated because weed plants can become hermaphrodites.

How a cannabis plant becomes Hermaphrodite?

A process when the female plant builds the organ of male and female is called Hermaphrodite.  Therefore, hermaphrodite can cause marijuana plants to develop pollen which can make your whole garden harming out. Harming out is a term that is used when plants get overstressed.

The stress symptoms of plants include Nutrient deficiencies, Bad weather, Plant damage, and plant diseases.

To protect your garden, you have to prevent the production of hermaphrodite crops. The product of hermaphrodite crop can occur due to the genetics of the plant. So, if you ever see any anthers or pollen sacs at your garden, then instantly remove them before it creates its impact on other plants.

If you have an interest in pollinating portions of your crop, then keep your male cannabis plants away from the garden and then work with that pollen. The reason is that pollens are very good at traveling and high potential.


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