In recent years, Apple has overtaken most major watch companies in terms of revenue. That really tells how popular smartwatches are. However, for the connoisseurs, the luxury of mechanical timepieces is not to be contested. They are right to an extent; the craftsmanship involved in creating one is unbelievable. That said,  having to set it (or even wind it) can be a real hassle every morning. A blend of the modern and the traditional, the Ressence Type 2 e-Crown® Concept fuses self-setting abilities and app connectivity, with the intricate art of watch-making.

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How Ressence Type 2 e-Crown® Concept Works

In the heart of the world’s first self-setting mechanical watch, is the e-Crown®. It is Ressence’s in-house electro-mechanical embedded system. Thanks to this module, your watch can register, monitor, adjust, and set the time without human intervention. To activate the system, all you need to do is tap the glass dome of your watch. For instance, a double-tap awakes the system and sets the time. That way, you can shorten a morning ritual down to just seconds.

ressence type 2

Credit: Ressence

From Fully Automatic to Fully Manual

This concept watch is great for anyone. From those who enjoy new technology to those who prefer things to be a little more classical. There are three modes to choose from. Firstly, the full e-Crown® mode. Connect your watch to the companion app on your phone, and it can be adjusted to the second. Besides, the app makes it easier to switch between time zones. With geolocation and a drop-down menu of cities, you no longer have to change time zones manually. Secondly, there’s the semi e-Crown® mode. Much as described above, this relies on just the self-setting module, which sets your time to the minute. Last but not least, you can go fully manual. The watch functions just fine without the app or the self-setting module. In addition, you can still easily switch between time zones with the lever on the case-back.

ressence type 2

Credit: Ressence


The production version of Type 2 will be in store in June 2018. Meanwhile, you can find a retailer near you and plan the trip!

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