IT Support for Law Firms

We all know how important our IT infrastructure is to our business and the management of IT services is something to be outsourced to a 3rd party provider; a company that specializes in your sector and has all the solutions. Every industry has its own unique needs; a hair salon demands a different set of tools than a law firm and whatever your chosen sector, there will be specific IT services that are designed around your business needs. Industry-Specific IT Support for Law Firms-

Managed IT Services

If you run a law firm IT support for law firms in NY would be tailored to how your business operates and your IT partner ensures that all your IT processes are working smoothly, automating when possible and they monitor your network 24/7, working silently in the background.

Aspects of IT for a legal practice include:

  • Securing confidential client data
  • Consultation, appointment & court schedules
  • Website & social media platforms
  • Cloud network management
  • Data back-up
  • Cyber-security
  • VoIP Communication

Virtual Business Services

A law firm would offer virtual consultations, which came into play at the start of the pandemic and using VoIP platforms such as Zoom, the lawyer can deliver their service via the Internet, which is a win-win for both professional and client. Rather than taking a trip to the lawyer’s offices, you simply book a Zoom meeting and the real-time video is secured by your IT support team. Aside from the legal sector, the healthcare industry has moved onto the Internet and you can receive telecare from your local doctor or physio, while all services that can be delivered remotely are now available. 

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Confidential Meetings

Legal advice can be delivered in a virtual environment that is 100% secure, indeed the majority of divorces are handled via Zoom meetings, especially here in the US. The practice is not impacted by the pandemic as far as communicating with clients is concerned and the clients prefer this convenient way of communicating with their lawyer. If you are thinking of taking a degree in business management, click here.

Zero Downtime

A busy NY law firm would have 4 or 5 specialist lawyers, each with their own set of clients and they all rely on the IT infrastructure; the IT support company has a ‘zero downtime’ policy, as this is what the law firm needs in order to effectively deliver their services to their many clients. The secure cloud network is monitored round the clock by IT technicians and should there be a power outage, your UPS back up kicks in automatically, making sure you stay online.


Every law practice must have top cyber-security in place, which is provided by your local NY managed IT services company. How can you tell whether your confidential client data is safe? The IT professionals have a team of ethical hackers and they would do their best to penetrate your defenses with penetrative testing, which is the ultimate test.

The law firm of today relies heavily on 3rd party managed IT services, which enables them to offer a great service to their clients. If you would like to learn more about law firm IT support, Google nearby IT support companies and see what you can find.

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