How To Stop Coughing

Stop coughing is your constant thought if you have been coughing continuously for a few days and sleep little at night. Cough often has a viral nature and does not require the use of drugs to be treated.

Other times, however, its nature can be bacterial or due to various respiratory tract complications and requires a doctor’s visit.

Natural remedies are very effective when dealing with coughs. The important thing is to start using them already when you feel the first coughs.

This article will explain what a cough is, what characteristics it can have, and how to cure it with effective natural remedies that work quickly.

Cough what it is and what are the types of cough

Cough is a natural reflex that the body activates when it senses an inflammatory state of the respiratory tract that can affect the lungs, bronchi, trachea, pharynx, and larynx.

Speaking of cough, in general, is not enough. Cough can be of two types: dry and oily.

Dry cough: How To Stop Coughing

A dry cough is a type of non-productive cough that signals an inflammatory or irritating respiratory tract state. How To Stop Coughing Very often, this type of cough makes sleep very difficult, almost impossible.

Fat cough: How To Stop Coughing

Oily cough is also known as productive cough and is characterized by a high amount of phlegm production. Precisely for this reason, our body activates an involuntary reflex, the cough, to free the respiratory tract from harmful substances or, more simply, from phlegm.

How to stop coughing: causes

The causes of cough can be different and sometimes even very trivial. Indeed, among the leading causes of cough, there are bacterial infections and, above all, viral infections that spread and develop, especially during the colder months. Another cause that is often underestimated or even not considered is the inhalation of irritating substances, which often leads to the appearance of a cough that the body activates as a defense. When we talk about irritants, we are not referring only to the inhalation of chemicals, of which an example could be solvents, but also more simply to smog or smoke. Other times, the cough can be caused by major respiratory system complications such as bronchopulmonary neoplasms or heart problems.

Calm the cough

If you want to calm the cough before resorting to natural remedies, you must observe the cough progress. Yes, you got it right! The observation of the cough is fundamental above all the evaluation of its evolution. Generally, at the initial stage, the cough is dry. How to measure your finger size sometimes also has to do with a continuous cough that, with the passing of the days, turns into a fat cough or cough with phlegm resolving within a few hours or days.

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You also need to pay attention to the characteristics of the cough, i.e., note:

  • If you have a cough when you are in bed
  • If you only cough at night ;
  • If you have a cough only during the day ;
  • If you have continuous cough during the day and at night;
  • If you cough, that does not go ;
  • If you have a sore throat and cough
  • if you have a cough with phlegm.

Observing the cough’s characteristics and progress will allow you to adopt the correct natural remedy and permanently resolve this condition.

Natural remedies for cough

How to stop the cough? There are many natural remedies! We will show you the treatments that work best and fastest, as we said before, depending on the cough’s type and characteristics. Specific and different natural remedies can be used. First of all, we specify that some treatments are suitable for both dry cough and fat cough. Other remedies are more specific and act very well on the correct type of cough; thus, it is appropriate to make the crucial differences.

Drinking a lot is suitable for dry cough and fat cough

How to stop coughing by drinking lots of water? It may seem absurd to you, but drinking a lot helps resolve coughs.

Drinking and being suitable for health in general in the specific case of cough helps make the phlegm more fluid and easier to eliminate. You can drink hot water or herbal tea.

Highly recommended in case of dry cough and greasy cough, the herbal tea based on lemon water and honey, straightforward to prepare, is a natural cure-all for the throat and respiratory tract, calming the cough.

Aerosol dry cough and oily cough

Also, this remedy, that is, the aerosol, is suitable for both types of cough. When you have a cough, the aerosol is an excellent solution. The steam heat relieves the throat’s dryness, which almost always joins a dry and intense cough. How To Stop Coughing thinning the mucus and promoting the healing of the oily cough. In most cases, an aerosol is used above all when children have a cough. In reality, the aerosol is also very useful in adults by resolving the cough completely.

How to pass a cough with fumetti 

Fumento is a very ancient natural remedy used and handed down by our grandmothers. They are very effective in relieving dry and continuous cough and in resolving oily cough. The fumetti have an expectorant and fluidifying action and are very effective if the cough is associated with a sore throat. Their preparation is straightforward, heat a little water and add essential oil. We advise you to read the article: Tools to cure Colds, Closed Nose, Sore Throat and Cough to choose the essential oil you like best, which is best for you and make the fumetti.

Sleep with your head elevated if you have an angry cough or a continuous dry cough.

If you have a dry cough that tends to increase as soon as you lie down on the bed, a great trick or remedy is to keep your head raised so that the mucus does not settle on the airways—best green tea. So adds a pillow or find ways to increase the pillow you use for sleep so that you can sleep with your head up.

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Honey for dry cough: How To Stop Coughing

You haven’t slept in a few nights and are wondering how to get rid of dry cough?

Honey works great on dry coughs. It has a calming and sedating effect on the mucous membranes bringing relief, especially to a continuous dry cough. A good idea might be to add some lemon to it, as we indicated earlier.

Ginger infusion for dry cough: How To Stop Coughing

The ginger works very well when you have a dry cough and also colds. Just chew a piece of ginger root or prepare an herbal tea by infusing a piece of ginger root in a little boiling water. How To Stop Coughing The ideal is to drink this herbal tea two or three times a day. After dinner, before going to bed, this herbal tea could be a cure-all for your cough, allowing you to sleep peacefully and at the same time promoting digestion.

Warm milk for dry cough

How to get rid of dry cough? Simply by drinking hot milk! Many are aware of honey as a cough and sore throat solver, but few know that a cup of warm milk before going to bed can significantly decrease dry and continuous cough allowing a peaceful rest. Milk contains peptides that can calm the nervous system by acting as a cough suppressant. So if you have a dry cough before going to bed, drink a cup of warm milk, and you will benefit.

Fat cough remedies: propolis and licorice: How To Stop Coughing

If you have a cough and phlegm, these two natural remedies are certainly for you, which will allow you to resolve a fat cough very quickly. In addition to being a natural antibiotic, propolis also has disinfectant and soothing properties. Precisely for this reason, when you have a fat cough, it is very effective to resort to a propolis-based syrup, which will ultimately solve this condition quickly.

Licorice has expectorant and anti-inflammatory properties and also acts very well on the persistent oily cough. It can be taken in the form of herbal tea. Just take it once a day, better in the evening before going to sleep and perhaps sweetening it with a teaspoon of honey.

Combining both remedies, the cough could disappear very quickly.

Hot water bottle: How To Stop Coughing

Finally, we show you a grandmother’s remedy, the hot water bottle. It works both in case of a fat cough and in case you are dealing with a dry cough. Let’s go in order.

Suppose you have a lot of cough and phlegm. Place the hot water bottle on your chest while watching TV. Or you are sitting comfortably on your sofa. The heat of the bursa will facilitate the thinning of the mucus, immediately bringing you relief.

When the cough is dry and does not give you respite at night, prepare—the hot water bottle before going to sleep.  Best protein powder And place it near the shoulder blades after about ten minutes. You will begin to cough much less until you stop coughing.

If the cough does not go away

In this article, we have shown you the valuable and effective natural remedies that answer the question “How to get rid of a cough.” Coughs can be treated with natural remedies, especially if the infection is viral or linked to seasonal ills.

If you have tried some of the remedies and measures, we have proposed. But the situation does not improve. And above all, the cough does not go away. You must make an appointment as soon as possible. With your doctor, who could conclude. That the cause of your cough has bacterial and needs to be eradicated by taking medications. That he will prescribe. Do not postpone the visit to your doctor as the cough. That does not go away with the following days. It could get worse and become more complicated.


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