How to search an image?

Do you want to find an image origin or similar photographs? Then, no need to worry. Many search engines offer a term which is called reverse image search. 

Search an image in Chrome

You can search images on desktop easily

  • Just go to
  • Click on camera 
  • Upload an image by choosing a file or dragging an image to another window
  • You can also paste the image link you’ve seen online in the search bar to search it.

Search an image in Firefox

  • Open Firefox on your desktop. 
  • Go to google images
  • Just click on search an images
  • After that, click upload 
  • Then select choose file
  • Drag and drop the image by clicking on “open” and “choose” on your desktop. 

How to search for an image with a URL in Firefox?

  • Open Chrome 
  • Go to the website from where you want to search the picture.
  • Copy Image link by clicking right 
  • After that to google image
  • Click on search by image 
  • Add link in paste image URL

Note: These URLs are not saved in Firefox history, but google store these URLs for better service. 

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You can search an images in Safari on Mac with the same steps that we’ve mentioned above. 

How to search reverse images on mobile with URL?

What if? You’re on a mobile device and want to search for an image?

Google provides a reverse images search option in mobile also, but it depends on your phone. 

  • Whenever you see an image in the browser, hold it until it starts showing the drop-down menu.
  • Tab on search google for this image

Note: it works only in Chrome, not in other browsers, even in Safari. 

  • If this does not work, you need to hold the image and select an open shot in the new tab. 
  • Then copy the URL 
  • Paste that URL in and viola.

How to search for an images from a website on android?

  • Select default search engine google first if this isn’t
  • Click on the Google app or Chrome 
  • Go to website 
  • Select and hold the image for a few seconds a menu will appear 
  • Hit search with google Lens
  • You can either use an object in the image or select image area 
  • Scroll to find related results 

How to search an image from a URL in iPhone &iPad?

You need the latest version of Google App or safari version 11 or new ones to search reverse images queries.

  • To search for an image from search results, go to and click on search for a photo.
  • Click on the image
  • Hold the image and tab visually search this image

How to search for an image in iPad & iPhone that’s saved in the gallery?

  • Open your iPad or iPhone
  • Open Google app
  • Search google lens
  • Upload an image; you can either upload an image by clicking select a photo and click the picture right away
  • Now press search and scroll to find your desired results
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